Egg Methi Rice is a delicious and easy recipe to make a recipe with rice and egg. It is one of the best options to try when you are bored with plain fried rice and want to have healthy and tasty things.

It is a little twisted version of the regular egg rice recipe. Egg Methi Rice is a healthy and complete meal in itself. And you can even make this with leftover rice.

The fenugreek in it is giving the dish more flavors. You can add peas to the rice also. Aso, you can add more vegetables like potato, carrot, or capsicum to make it more nutritious and have a colorful look.

You can make this recipe on Tawa. Also, add Bombay pulao masala, and you will have your own Bombay style egg rice. Likewise, you can add spices to your liking if you want to experiment. Also, you can cook the rice before and add eggs after hard boiling them.

This dish is so tasty that you do not need to have any side dish with it. Moreover, it will be an excellent addition to fulfilling your daily energy needs. Besides, this is a perfect option for lunch boxes also.

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