The Gujarati kadhi is a spectacular recipe from the gourmet of Gujarati cuisine. For ages, the Gujarati community has been making and consuming this curd-based delicacy.

Being a Gujarati, I know the importance of kadhi in daily meals. On top of it, this single recipe offers a wide variety of variations. In other words, one can make different types of Gujarati kadhi. Yes, you heard that right.

Let me tell you what they are.

Gujarati Kadhi Variations

Kadhi is a mixture of gram flour mixed in curd and then tempered (tadka). Yeah, it’s that easy. But there are few variants of this easy-peasy recipe. Read them below.

White Kadhi

White kadhi is a buffet item mainly served in marriage functions. Just skip the turmeric powder & your white kadhi is ready. I have made this kadhi variation for you today.

Yellow Kadhi

In the yellow kadhi, there’s turmeric powder. Haldi powder gives the Gujarati kadhi yellow colour. I seldomly make yellow kadhi because my family prefers white one more.

Khatti-Meethi Kadhi

Sweet & sour kadhi is because of the curd & sugar. But this kadhi is mildly sweet & not sweet like jalebi or rasgulla. It’s a myth that Gujaratis make their dal, kadhi & sabji sweet. Nope. They, too, love spicy teekha & masaledar.

Regular Kadhi

Regular kadhi is white or yellow without sugar or jaggery in it. Mostly normal Gujarati kadhi is plain white and nothing beyond it. Although it is plain yet the taste is fantastic.

Now that you know about gujju kadhi, let’s rock the ingredient list.

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Gujarati Kadhi Ingredient List

The sweet & sour gujju kadhi is made with jaggery. I always prefer jaggery over sugar. Hence, if you are making khatti-meethi kadhi, use jaggery or rock sugar, aka mishri.


Use regular curd instead of too much sour one. Here in my hometown, we call it Punjabi dahi, which is mildly sweet & less sour.

Gram Flour

Besan, aka gram flour, is the base ingredient & without it, you can’t make kadhi. Regular besan flour is all you need.


Instead of sugar, use jaggery or mishri (rock salt). Just a little amount of jaggery is enough to sweeten your kadhi. As I said above, we do not make a sweet dish; hence, do not add too much sweetness.


As per taste, add salt while making the besan batter.


Water decides whether your kadhi will be thin or thick. Add water as per your taste. If you want thin kadhi like watery, then double the quantity of water mentioned here.

Items for Tempering Your Kadhi

Oil, mustard, cumin, cloves, cinnamon, dry red chilli, chopped green chilli & curry leaves are regular items I have used to temper the besan batter.


I know that thing, aka asafoetida, is usually used to temper dal. However, you can even use it in Gujarati kadhi. Believe me; you will love the taste.

Since we have aligned our kadhi ingredients, let’s quickly move on to the making process.