Aloo Bhindi is a distinct variation. However, it belongs to the bhindi recipe clan with potato as an addition. We already have plain bhindi ki sabji published on Tasted Recipes site.

The recipe is for the fried bhindi. Here bhindi is fried until crispy. After that, it is sauteed & cooked using spices & masala mix. The only twist here is the potato. So instead of making just fry bhindi masala, we will integrate potatoes.

That is how we will get aloo bhindi or say fried bhindi aloo sabzi.

Why is Aloo Bhindi Popular in Indian Kitchen?

It is the lifeline of an Indian individual & family. Let me explain to you how. Aloo bhindi is a झटपट dish. The reason is it requires fewer ingredients.

Not only fewer ingredients but also the cooking process is quick. Now, why is aloo bhindi the lifeline? First, it is an Indian housewife’s favourite due to fewer ingredients & cooking time. Second, you can pack it in your kid’s lunch box.

Third, you can carry it in the office tiffin box too. Again there’s no tension of spillage because it’s dry. Hence, the aloo bhindi is a tiffin box-friendly dish. That’s the biggest reason why it is one of my manpasand sabji.

Okay, now, let’s go through the item list.

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Bhindi masala is best for lunch or dinner. Not only this but it's also suitable for kids school lunch box & office tiffin box.


There can be other variations to this dish. You don’t need to go out of the way to make them; change one or two things, and you’ll have your different version of the same dish.

Add green chilli ginger-garlic paste after serving tomatoes, potatoes, and other spices. It would help if you cooked them till the rawness is eliminated. Also, skip adding the curd. The rest of the recipe remains the same, and you have Dhaba-style recipe.

You can also customize the recipe. For example, add dry mango/amchur powder and pav bhaji masala instead of tomatoes. It will be tasty. Or you can add other spice powders available on the market that will go well with this dish.