Aloo Bhindi is a distinct variation. However, it belongs to the bhindi recipe clan with potato as an addition. We already have plain bhindi ki sabji published on Tasted Recipes site.

If you don’t want to get into the details in text form, we also have a YouTube video of the recipe. So go check out the recipe.

The recipe is for the fried bhindi aloo sabzi. Here bhindi is fried until crispy. After that, it is sauteed & cooked using spices & masala mix. The only twist here is the potato. So instead of making just fry bhindi masala, we will integrate potatoes.

That is how we will get aloo bhindi or say fried bhindi aloo sabzi.

Why is Aloo Bhindi Popular in Indian Kitchen?

It is the lifeline of an Indian individual & family. Let me explain to you how. Aloo bhindi is a झटपट dish. The reason is it requires fewer ingredients.

Not only fewer ingredients but also the cooking process is quick. Now, why aloo bhindi is the lifeline? First thing first, it is an Indian housewife favourite due to fewer ingredients & cooking time. Second, you can pack it in your kid’s lunch box. Moreover, it won’t spill because it’s dry.

Third, you can carry aloo bhindi in the office tiffin box too. Again there’s no tension of spillage because it’s dry. Hence, the aloo bhindi is a tiffin box friendly dish. That’s the biggest reason why it is one of my manpasand sabji.

Okay, now, let’s go through the item list.

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Aloo Bhindi Ingredients

Like I said above, this recipe requires fewer items. Further, each & every ingredient is already present in your kitchen closets. Therefore, you don’t need wild guess what it is. Now for your easy understanding, the items are bifurcated into sections. Take a look.

To fry bhindi (2 items)

Here we need only two items – Cooking oil & ladyfinger vegetable. That’s it. Do not attempt to fry bhindi in butter or ghee. Rest everything is sorted.

To make tadka (10 items)

Here we need a total of ten ingredients to prepare the aloo bhindi tadka—for instance, oil, cumin, onion, ginger-garlic, tomato, salt & garam masala. Further, we will add red chilli, coriander & turmeric powders.

You can replace ordinary cooking oil with olive oil. A step further, you can even prepare the whole tadka in desi ghee. Use what suits you but don’t skip anything.


Since we are making aloo bhindi, potato is our main ingredient. There’s not much to talk about it. Use fresh potatoes, wash & peel skin beforehand.


To give a nice and smooth flavour to the final dish, we will use curd. However, a little heavy cream instead of curd will also work fine.

One more thing, add water gradually as per the need. Now we will proceed to the cooking section.

Making Crispy Aloo Bhindi with Curd

The cooking process involves two easy steps. Please continue reading below to see what they are.

Frying Bhindi

Fry your ladyfinger aks bhindi till it becomes crispy. The crispy kurkure texture makes the bhindi tastier. Eventually, when it goes into the tadka, it will lose its crispiness. Still, you will sense the smokey flavour.

Henceforth, fry bhindi before cooking. Keep aside once it is done.

Preparing the Tadka

As discussed above, you can use desi ghee or olive oil to make tadka. Add all the ground spices & masala powders one by one as per the instructions. Keep the flame low so that you don’t burn the tadka.

Add Potato & Cook

Once your tadka is ready, add potato & water. Cook till potatoes are medium soft. Do not boil potatoes; otherwise, they will gradually lose their shape.

Finally, Add Fried Bhindi

When your potatoes are medium-soft, add fried bhindi & mix well—the point where your aloo bhindi is almost ready. But I have a little add-on here.

Garnish Using Curd

The curd will give a soft creamy flavour to the final dish. Now, if there’s too much spiciness in your aloo bhindi, then the curd will neutralize it. Moreover, you will also like the taste.

If you have heavy cream, then go for it. Add 4-5 tbsp heavy cream & mix well. Make sure the cream is not chilled. If you have put it into the fridge, then first bring it to room temperature.

Finally, add a little water, cover the lid & cook for 15 minutes on low flame. Keep stirring occasionally.