Stuffed Green Chili is a dish made with sauteed spicy besan. Green Chilies that are bigger are used for it and stuffed with the besan and cooked.

It is an easy and quick recipe for stuffing your stomachs during weekends. People in Rajasthan and South India usually serve it as a side dish with dal, chapati, rasam, and sambhar. In other words, everyone uses it as an accompaniment for enhancing the taste of the main dishes and giving oomph to your meal.

We can make this recipe with or without the peanut powder base. Moreover, it is shallow or stir-fried in a pan. But one can deep fry the chilies if you want more crispy texture, crunch, and a better taste.

Peanut powder is used to regulate the spiciness of the chilies. But if you like it spicy better than no need to stuff it with that and just pan fry it.

This recipe is altered in different regions. Apart from lemon, tamarind and amchur (dry mango powder) are also used to bring the tanginess in the dish.

Jalapeno or another similar chili that is less spicy and gives less heat is advisable to use in it. If you need less spicy than you should remove the seeds from the chili before stuffing. Otherwise, there is no need for removing it.

Enjoy this dish the way you like!

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