Green Chili Pickle is a spicy, tangy, and flavorful Indian recipe. It is made with chili that is pickled with mustard and lemon juice.

Usually, people serve this chili pickle as an accompaniment with every Indian dish. It goes well with almost all recipes and enhances the flavor and taste of the meal.

Indians love to eat a pickle with food at any time. The most popular pickle is mango pickle. But it is only available during summer.

There are other pickles which we make from carrot, lemon. Indians make it at any time of year. Similarly, we can make this chili pickle anytime.

Lemon juice use is optional in this recipe. You can add it as per the tanginess you want in the recipe.

The use of less hot or medium-hot chili is advisable. But it is always better to make it at home both for hygiene and taste purposes.

Store this pickle in the tight jar or container and keep it in direct sunlight. Pickle can be stored for weeks, and it is usable for a long time. You can eat this pickle even with fried dishes like pakoras.

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