Dahi Tikhari is a tangy and spicy Kathiawadi side dish or accompaniment. It is similar to a spread on roti, bhakri, thepla or is taken with dishes like khichdi or with sabzi. Moreover, you can also have it with chips as a nice spicy garlicky dip.

Dahi Tikhari is a great side dish to offer to your family members as a treat. It is a really quick dish to make and also requires fewer ingredients too. It will not take even 15 minutes to make.

Though sometimes it can get tricky with respect to controlling the flame after curd is added. But you need not worry, it is still easy.

Everyone likes curd or yogurt, no matter the form you present it in. So this flavorsome curd is going to be a favorite of everyone.

The tanginess of yogurt is tempting as it is. The addition of the garlic and spices will enhance the flavors and will give it a nice aroma. And will leave everyone wanting more.

You can add variations and can twist the recipe according to your taste and interests. It is so uncomplicated recipe that even the person who is not an experienced cook can make it.

So whenever you have a party this surely can be on your list.