Sabudana Khichdi is an Indian dish consisting of sago or tapioca pearls, potatoes, and peanuts. It is a part of both the Gujarati and Marathi cuisine of India.

Sago or sabudana is a starch extracted from various tropical trees stem. It has been used to cook multiple dishes like Sabudana Vada, Sabudana Kheer, or Sabudana snacks. The dishes made from sago is trendy during fasts like Navratri and Mahashivratri.

Because it is a starchy substance, you need to have proper preparation before cooking them. If this is not done, then the dish will be too sticky to eat and will have clumps in it. Therefore, properly wash them always before cooking and do not cook it for too long.

This recipe is easy-to-make and quick. It would help if you kept in mind the preparation related to sago.

Sabudana khichdi is full of carbohydrates and proteins coming only from peanuts.

Even if it is a fasting recipe, it is not a compulsion to make it only during that time. Since it easy and fuss-free recipe, then you can make it whenever you feel like eating it.

This dish can be named a pilaf of sago since it is similar to a pulao recipe. And it is an excellent inclusion for serving it to your guests or in lunch boxes.