Sabudana Vada is an easy deep-tried, traditional snack from Maharashtra state in India. The main ingredient of this snack is sago, which is called sabudana in Hindi.  That is why this dish is also known as sabuvada.

You will commonly find them in the shape of a patty. The texture of the outer layer of this patty is crispy whereas it is soft from the inside.

These are slightly sweet in taste along with spicy flavour. They are served with green chutney and frequently served as snacks on many occasions.

The use of crushed peanuts in it gives a nice nutty flavour and adds crunch to the patties. Sabudana Vada is a vegetarian and gluten-free dish, so you can eat it without any hesitation.

Sago is a popular food ingredient to consume during fasts in months like Shravan month, Ekadashi, and the Navaratri period. Thus, this sabuvada is a great option to have during those fasts. Other than this, sabudana khichdi is also a popular choice to make while having these fasts.

These patties are generally easy-to-make, even for beginners. The correct measures of potato and sago will nicely bind the patties. So you need not worry to break them while cooking or frying it. You can have it with spicy green chutney, coconut chutney, sweetened curd, or simply with tomato sauce.

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