Makai Dhokla is an innovative snack recipe. It originally is a Gujarati dish that is itself prepared from maize flour. Here, kernels of corn are ground and added to the batter, with a tempering of mustard.

Dhoklas are a staple food in Gujarati cuisine. Though it is very popular among not just the people of Gujarati, but people all over India.

Dhokla has a soft, fluffy, and sponge-like texture. It is of salty and a little spicy in taste. Yet, adding ground corn kernels into it will add natural sweetness in the dish. Some people even soak it in sugar syrup to make a sweet version of the same dish.

You can have makai dhokla with sauce but the chutney traditionally served with it, makes it taste more amazing. The addition of corn can make it hard. So you can use fruit salt to maintain the softness. A similar version of dhokla is also present in Rajasthani cuisine too.

People enjoy this snack with tea usually. But, it is also a great dish to put into tiffin boxes or to have stomach fill. To be honest, you can never have enough of this Gujarati snack recipe.

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