Poha Cutlet is a fried snack, aka nashta. It’s a non-traditional snack. There’s a reason why I am calling it non-traditional. Shops don’t sell poha cutlets.

However, they do sell regular cutlets made using mashed potatoes. So in short, if you want to eat poha cutlets, you will have to make them all by yourself.

Okay, no need to worry. Today we will make poha cutlets & see what all goes into the making process. But, as usual, we will walk through the basics first.

What is a cutlet?

A cutlet is a flat pattie of minced meat, nuts, or pulses, typically covered in breadcrumbs or flour. It is further deep fried in hot oil to make it eatable. Moreover, cutlets are classified both as vegan & non-vegan snacks.

It depends on what ingredients you use to make your cutlets. The most popular vegan cutlet has boiled potato as the main ingredient.

Now that we know what cutlet is, let’s proceed to a brief comparison. Here you go.

Regular cutlet v/s Poha cutlet

The only difference between both of them is the main ingredient. That is poha, aka rice flakes. Regular cutlets contain boiled & mashed potatoes. On the contrary, poha cutlet has soaked rice flakes.

Another difference is the masala powders & spice mix used. The spices & masala quantity depends on an individual’s taste. However, it varies in both the cutlets. Furthermore, the making process is almost similar.

Since we have grasped a good amount of details about cutlets, let’s make it. The ingredient list comes first. Here it is.

Poha Cutlet ingredients

Thankfully we will require fewer items to make our poha cutlet. That’s a big sigh of relief for you people. Let’s see what all do we need.

Main (base) item

Since we are making poha cutlet, rice flakes will be the base ingredient here. In other words, we will mix soaked rice flakes & other items to make a pattie. This pattie will be further deep-fried.

Vegetables in poha cutlet (3 items)

Fresh vegetables will add a distinct flavour to our poha cutlet. Therefore, we will include onion, capsicum & potato. If you want to skip capsicum, then go ahead. Your cutlet is good with or without it. One more thing boil potatoes & peel their skin beforehand.

Wet spices & masala (3 items)

We will be using ginger-garlic in the form of paste. Additionally, there will be green chilli paste for required spiciness. I love using green chilli over anything else for teekhapan. Last but not least, we have freshly chopped coriander. Keep all these ready before you begin cooking.

Dry spices & masala (6 items)

Our dry spices & masala includes a total of 6 items, aka turmeric powder, peanut powder, sesame seeds, cumin seeds, salt & red chilli flakes. So please do not skip any of them.

Along with the items mentioned above, we will also need lemon juice for flavouring. So squeeze a fresh lemon & collect the liquid in a glass container. Not to mention we also need cooking oil to fry the cutlet.

Heart shape cutlets

Heart shape cutlets are made using custom moulds. I have used a steel mould here to give a perfect shape. However, you can use round, square, triangle or star shape moulds too.

Typically cutlets are round in shape or at the most square with round borders. Don’t forget to grease the mould before use.

Okay, now it’s time to make our poha cutlet. Hence, we will start right away without any further delay.

Making heart-shaped poha cutlet

The entire making or say the cooking process includes three steps. Let’s see what they are.

Wash & soak rice flakes

Collect rice flakes in a sieve to wash them. Next, drain all the water making the rice flakes completely dry. By doing this, your rice flakes will be super moist & easy to work with.

Make the dough

Add vegetables, dry & wet ingredients to the rice flakes. Mash the boiled potatoes properly & mix everything well. Make a soft dough so that it holds the shape of a heart.

Give shape to your cutlets using the mould. Repeat this step till the dough lasts.

Frying the Poha Cutlet

Heat cooking oil in a pan or kadhai. Fry all your cutlets on both sides. Make sure they don’t burn. Do not attempt to fry these cutlets in butter or ghee.

Your heart shapes poha cutlet is ready. Serve with sauce or green chutney. Eat & enjoy.

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