Poha Cutlet is a fried breakfast filling and healthy recipe made from rice flakes and mashed potatoes. It is spicy with a crispy layer.

Usually, we eat poha with vegetables. Poha cutlet is a different way to take on the traditional way of eating poha. Moreover, it is also a unique cutlet recipe to have as a snack.

Cutlets are an ideal dish as a starter and also for a kid’s tiffin box. One can eat it as it is or make an excellent patty for a burger.

Making the poha cutlet recipe is easy and fuss-free, and anybody can cook it. However, we don’t need to deep fry to keep it healthy. So when shallow-frying on a medium flame, or else it can burn quickly. If you want it more crispy, then coat it with breadcrumbs before frying.

We are using vegetables here that increases the health ratio of the dish. One can add other vegetables they like corn, finely chopped broccoli, carrots, or even paneer. One can also add smashed bread instead of potatoes, or one can use both. It will increase the crispiness of the cutlets.

You can use any shape of mold you like. Especially if this is for kids, then use as many shapes as you can. They are going to love it! But if you don’t have any mold, then circular are also good enough. We all know shape will not change the taste.

Enjoy this delicious snack with chutney, sauce, or any dip.

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