Bread Upma is easy to make and tasty breakfast recipe. It is a counterpart dish of the semolina upma, and South Indian people prefer it in tiffin.

We often struggle with the leftover bread slices we have. Most of the time, we end up throwing them away since we think they are no longer edible for us.

This recipe can be a solution to the leftover slices’ problem. It also is a delicious way to have a tasty and filling snack to satisfy your hunger.

We can use the white bread slices that are some days old and semi-hard to make bread upma. Brown bread is also an excellent alternative to use. It won’t affect the taste. If you like, you can toast the bread on a flat pan before cutting them.

It is ready in a jiffy and hence is a last-minute recipe to make. It is a typical breakfast recipe. But you can have it as a snack or in your tiffin box.

We are not using tomatoes here. However, one can also use it. Or any other vegetables that you like to eat in upma usually. And while tempering, we can also add chopped garlic or curry leaves to make it more flavorsome.

Garnish it with cashew to make it more delicious and pleasing before serving.

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