Cheesy Masala Pav is a delicious and mouth-watering snack recipe. It is a famous street food in Mumbai city of Maharashtra as a chaat.

This recipe is spicy in taste and consists of sweetness, spiciness, and tanginess. It has a load of delicious cheesy sauce.  It also contains nutritions of the vegetables, and thus this snack has everything you can ask for.

Cheesy Masala Pav is a recipe for soft Indian bread that also consists of cooked vegetables and spices.  It is to serve with crunchy sev and spicy and tangy chutneys.

Usually, people put mash of potatoes as well. But we skip that.

Moreover, sometimes the mash of vegetables is put in the middle of the pav, similar to a vada pav. But here, we have instead cut the pav into cubes and plate it with the vegetables.

There is no specific time of the day to have this lip-smacking and stomach-filling snack. This food is rich for the creamy cheese sauce, and butter adorned pav.

The sweet and savory tastes of your chutneys offer an incredible burst of flavors in your mouth. And the crunchiness of sev and sprinkled chopped onion is just the perfect addition.

It is an excellent recipe to have in your party menu along with beverages. Or you can even have it as a chai-time snack with ginger tea. A perfect combo! Maybe, you can even manage it in your tiffin box.

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