Fried Potatoes are a popular snack that is stick-like and deep-fried. Fried Potatoes With White Sauce are a deliciously cheesy and crispy fried snack that everyone loves.

Without a doubt, the best starter option to have on your menu. However, one can enhance the lovely experience with the addition of this cheesy white sauce.

Fried Potatoes With White Sauce are the best for including on the menu for parties or get-togethers. Also, children are going to love to have it without any force.

Typically, just cheese is added in the readymade white sauce to make this. But here, we are making the white sauce from scratch and a little differently.

If you are into cocktails or mocktails, have this recipe with them. You will enjoy it better, and it will boost your party experience also.

This snack is fuss-free and quick to make. You do not require any expertise or too much experience to make it. It is a snack that you can make even at the last moment. A very filling and tasty snack.

Key Points For Fried Potatoes With White Sauce

The most important point here is to choose the potatoes. You need potatoes with less starch and a non-waxy texture. This will keep the fries crispy. Indori, Chipsona, or Pahadi are a few varieties to choose from. You can even use russet potatoes if they are available.

Here we have to use the usual Amul cheese. Yet, it is recommended to use cheddar cheese if available to make this sauce. It will make the sauce creamier, taste better, and much thicker.

Soaking potato strips in cold water for 10-15 minutes will make them more crispy and remove extra starch from their surface.

Be sure to serve it or eat it soon after making it to prevent it from turning soggy. Or you won’t be able to enjoy it properly.

The Three-Step Process

To get the perfect restaurant french fries at home you need to follow three steps after cutting them. They are blanching and frying them twice.

For blanching, boil the water then add vinegar and salt. Boil them for 10-15 minutes. You have to stir them at regular intervals. They have to be 90% cooked. Once done strain the potatoes and let them cool down. Lay them on a wire rack or sieve if you have one.

For the first frying, the oil must be piping hot. If you want to get the crust then the oil must be hot.  Add the potato strips slowly and carefully. You will be frying them for less than a minute. Remove and put them again on the wire rack or sieve, resting them for 10-15 minutes.

For the second frying, keep the temperature same when putting the fries in the oil, then later lower the flames. You will get the desired outer crispy layer.

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