As the name itself suggests, green Garlic & Coriander Chutney is a refreshing accompaniment of blended puree of coriander and green garlic.  It can enhance the taste and aroma of even the blandest tasting food and makes you crave more. It is one of the most popular Indian chutney all over the world.

Chutney goes well with any fried food like Tikki, samosa, sandwiches, dhokla, dabeli, fritters, etc. You can also use this chutney with idli or dosa if you can’t make time to make coconut chutney.

You can store this accompaniment in the refrigerator for a few days.  They are proving to be handy and time-saving to apply on a toast or bread and as a dipping sauce.

Coriander is the main ingredient of this chutney. Other ingredients can be different depending on the taste of people and also give a variety or flair according to their region.

You can decide the consistency of the puree with the control of water. It is usually a bit thick in texture if to be served with Tikka, kabab, or samosa.  This makes it a perfect accompaniment for party snacks or anything to go with.

This chutney has a spicy and sour taste. But if you enjoy tanginess more than you can add lemon to it. You can even eat it raw and without any tempering needed.