Raw Mango Chutney or Kachi Keri Chutney is a Gujarati recipe. It is made with raw mango and is sweet, sour, and a bit tangy in taste. It is an easy and quick recipe and is ready in no time.

In the scorching heat of summer, the food becomes tastier with some form of Mango and Kachi Keri.

Mango is one fruit that is loved by many people. We consume in multiple forms and it tastes delicious in every way. This recipe is lip-smacking and is so good that it will open your taste buds on your tongue.

The recipe and ingredients to prepare the chutney are different according to the region. Some people prefer using jaggery instead of sugar to make Kachi Keri Chutney. You can adjust the amount of sugar or jaggery as per the sweetness you want in your chutney.

It is generally served as an accompaniment with main course dishes. Or it can be an excellent dip with snacks and starters.

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