Tamarind Onion Chutney is an accompaniment that people serve with South Indian Dosa. It tastes spicy and tangy and enhances the flavor of the dish.

We see a variety of chutneys that we make using vegetables. This chutney is one of those chutneys. Moreover, this chutney is a great substitute for the regular coconut chutney we eat with South Indian dishes.

In the Tamil language, this chutney is known by the name Vengaya Chutney. This is because onion in the Tamil language is named as Vengaya.

The use of tamarind in it will give a tangy flavor and tart to the dish. Whereas, the use of tempered red chilies will provide some smokiness in it. The pungent sharp taste of the garlic, the natural sweetness of the onions are just going to magnify the taste of the chutney.

The color will be vermicelli at the look, in general.  But it can be different depending on the type of chilies you use. Kashmiri red chilies will be ideal to use in here, as it will not only give a nice red color but also will be less in heat.

The use of mustard seeds along with curry leaves is common in making this chutney. But here we have used cumin seeds, coriander seeds, and sesame as well.

Tamarind onion chutney contains a burst of different flavors at once. It goes well along with tiffin snacks like Rava idli or masala dosa or uttapam.

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