Red Coconut Chutney is a combination of coconut, red chili, curry leaves, and small onion. Sometimes it also consists the ingredients like garlic or ginger. Both of them provide it a sharp and pungent taste apart from the spicy flavor it already has.

It is a delicious accompaniment dish that people eat with idli, dosa, and uttapam. This Kerela style chutney is a great option to have with the South Indian dishes we all love and enjoy eating.

The chutney consists of red chilies that give it a nice smoky flavor and some heat. Besides, the onion in it also makes an excellent contribution to the taste and flavor.

Even if you are more of a fan of the coconut chutney with dal grams, you ought to try this as well. You are not going to be disappointed.

If you don’t have red chilies at hand, you can add green chilies as well and vice-versa. Either way, it is okay. However, the taste, pungency, and heat in the chutney may vary depending on the chilies you use.

Some may also use tomatoes to prepare this chutney. So, the red color may also come from the tomatoes and not just the chilies. It will also provide the chutney a nice tangy flavor along with spicy taste it has.

You can also control the consistency of the red coconut chutney. If you want to have it thick, then just reduce the water you add. And if you like it slightly watery, then add water accordingly.

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