Spicy Maharashtrian Chutney is an easy and incredibly flavorful condiment. It has a very sharp tart and tangy taste with overpowering garlic flavor.

This chutney is special in Maharashtra regions. If you have ever had a Maharashtrian snack, especially vada pav, then you sure have tasted this chutney. However, this chutney goes well with almost every snack item.

The core ingredient for this chutney is garlic that provides the most of the flavor for this chutney. Besides, the use of cumin and peanut also gives a nutty and sharp flavor.

Sugar is added to this chutney to balance the spice and sharpness. But tamarind paste is also a great substitute to balance these and adding tanginess to the recipe.

Besides this, there are variations in making this chutney. People also add a few spices like coriander and cumin to this chutney. Some variations add roasted peanuts. Kashmiri red chili powder is a great ingredient to add more bright colors to the recipe.

It takes only 15 -20 minutes to make Spicy Maharashtrian Chutney. So it also a quick and not so time-consuming recipe.

This condiment is excellent as an accompaniment with Vada pav, Kanda bhaji pav, samosa pav, and batata bhaji pav. You can even try this out with toasted buttered bread or have it with khichdi. It will enhance the taste of the dish for sure.

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