Peanut Chutney is a super easy and quick to make chutney. It provides a nutty flavor in the mouth and is a great substitute for coconut chutney we usually have.

On occasions where you may not have fresh or desiccated coconut on hand, this peanut chutney will be your savior. It is going to taste just as good as coconut chutney with regular South Indian dishes like idlis and dosas.

This chutney tastes awesome and is a great option for a condiment. It won’t spoil as quickly as coconut chutney, neither it will be sour or stinky.

You can add roasted Bengal gram/urad dal for more crunch and nuttiness. If not this, then sesame seeds are also a good option to add texture, taste, and thickness in this recipe.

This chutney is also called Palli chutney in Andhra and you can make it with coconut too. Moreover, in Andhra Pradesh, people add onions and it makes the chutney more delicious and flavorful. And at last, tempering is also added for more enhancement in taste.

You can have your say whether you want to use the peanuts with or without its skin. Although, the skin of peanuts will add more fiber content and strong flavor to the chutney. Tamarind can also be added if you want more tanginess in it.

Peanut chutney has a better shelf life than coconut chutney. When refrigerated, it lasts until 5-6 days and still tastes fresh.

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