Garlic chutney is spicy, delicious, and prepare with red chilly powder and garlic. People often eat it with bhakri or rotli. The aroma of the chutney is pungent and remarkable.

Soak garlic in the water to peel it nicely so that it won’t hurt your hands. Also, garlic chutney is a good compliment with foods like sandwiches, vada pav, dabeli, falafel with pita bread, khichiya papad.

It’s a unique combination of chili and garlic that best suits your tastebuds. The Kashmiri red chili powder will give the red color. If you are a spice lover, you will love to add this chutney to your food and enjoy your meals. Moreover, you can serve this chutney with snacks to give an extra flavor to the food.

Also, it’s a great choice to always serve it with your lunch like khichdi and enjoy spicy food at home. You can store it for months in the glass jar and refrigerate it whenever you want to use it. There’s no need to add any kind of food color or preservative.

Indians use chutneys in their social gatherings, kitty parties, and even in marriages. Garlic chutney is really a special accompaniment with your food whenever you need with whatever snacks like nachos, roti, thepla, khaman, or locha. Especially Gujarati cuisine includes this chutney with everything because they add sugar in the food so the spice is needed along with sabji and roti.

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