Sev Turai Ki Sabji (सेव तुरई की सब्जी) is Ridge Gourd Curry. The vegetable named turai (तुरई) is the Hindi word which means ridge gourd in English. Not only this, but the Gujarati name turiya (તુરીયા) matches with the Hindi word turai.

There’s another term sev which means बेसन की पिली वाली सेव. These fried gram flour noodles are heavily used in Gujarati nashta and farsan items.

In short, today, we are going to make the most beloved sabji of India, the sev turai ki sabji. So, let’s get started.

Sev Turai Ki Sabji Extra Shots

Since we are making a 3 step process recipe, here’s a list of some helpful tips. Take a look below.

  • Adding water is not advisable because it will make the sabji watery.
  • Cook for a couple of minutes is ideal for burning excess water.
  • Still, if there’s water in the sabji, add a handful of besan ki sev. It will soak the extra water.
  • If green garlic is unavailable, replace it with freshly chopped coriander.
  • Crush garlic cloves with cooking oil and red chilli powder to make garlic chutney.
  • You can also use readymade garlic chutney instead of homemade.


Turn off the flame once your sabji is ready and sprinkle the besan ki sev. You can add the sev based on your taste and preference. The gram flour noodles will add taste and soak excess water.

Hence, if there’s excess water in your sabji, cook a little longer to burn excess water when you see that the water content has been reduced. Then, put off the flame and sprinkle the sev. This way, you can quickly minimize the problem of additional water.

Common FAQs

Can I skip the marination process and cook directly?

Add the marination ingredients and vegetables when you cook the sabji. This way, you can skip the marination process and reduce the cooking time. First, however, I would suggest marinating the ridge gourd.

How long will it take to marinate the ridge gourd, aka turai?

You need to keep it for 8-10 minutes at least. A couple of hours will make a big difference in taste. However, please do not keep it overnight; otherwise, the ridge gourd will start releasing water. Moreover, it will become loose and shatter while cooking.

Can I add curd (dahi)?

You can but drain water from the curd before adding or using hung curd. So there’s no scope for adding water to this recipe. Hence, if you are adding anything, make sure there’s no water. Doing this will add to your efforts.

Can I substitute sev with gram flour (besan)?

Gram flour and fried noodles (referred to as sev in Hindi) are entirely different. Sev is to garnish the final dish. On the contrary, gram flour is altogether another purpose.