Paneer Ghee Roast is a paneer cooked in ghee with jaggery & whole spice gravy. The base of the gravy is again whole spice & tamarind paste. All in all, this recipe is a mixed bag of three excellent flavours viz khatta, meetha & teekha.

Paneer Ghee Roast Ingredient

  • Ghee – To saute spices, we will use ghee. There’s no scope for cooking oil in this recipe. Without ghee, it won’t be a paneer ghee roast anymore.
  • Whole Spice – A total of seven whole spices we require. They are cumin, coriander, fenugreek, fennel, pepper, cinnamon & dry red chilli. Fennel seeds, aka saunf, is a special mention here. It will give a smooth mint fragrance & taste to the dish.
  • Wet Masala – Ginger & garlic paste is for spicy flavours here. You can add them individually or together.
  • Tamarind Paste & Jaggery – These items are self-explanatory. Both readymade or homemade tamarind paste will do.
  • Onion & Curry Leaves – Chopped onions with curry leaves will make the base of the gravy. Please make sure the onions are finely chopped; otherwise, they will take longer to cook.
  • Paneer – 200 grams of paneer we need. It will give two to three servings. Both packaged or homemade paneer is best. Adjust the quantity of paneer depending on the number of persons.

Adjust the consistency of the gravy by adding water. Add gradually as needed. For precise measurement of water, kindly watch the recipe video.

How to Make Tamarind Paste at Home?

There’s no problem using readymade tamarind paste. However, making the same at home is easier than you think. I prefer homemade rather than ready to use ones. Therefore, here’s the quick method to make tamarind paste at home.

  • Take 1 cup of tamarind. Remove seeds & wash.
  • Boil 3 cups of water & soak tamarind in it.
  • Soak for 45 to 60 minutes or until tamarind is soft.
  • Now strain the soft tamarind using a strainer.
  • You will get a thick pulp. That’s your tamarind paste.
  • Store it in a glass jar for future use.

TR’s Extra Shots for Paneer Ghee Roast

The following tips might look obvious, but the result will be excellent if you follow them.

  • Paste – Saute whole spices properly in ghee to integrate their flavours. Add a little extra ghee if necessary.
  • Grind – Make a smooth & thick paste. Hence, grind a little longer to get the required thickness.
  • Onion – It is the base of our gravy. Hence, saute well till soft.
  • Paneer – You can shallow fry paneer in ghee before adding. Shallow frying will add a crispy taste to the paneer.
  • Gravy – The consistency of the gravy must be thick. If there’s water in it, then simmer it on low flame till access water burns.

Okay, now we have discussed items & a few tips to make paneer ghee roast. Next, it’s time to solve your queries.

Paneer Ghee Roast FAQs

Before you start cooking, go through the list of faqs below. It will help you.

Which ghee is best for use in Ghee Roast?

There’s no specific brand of ghee I suggest. Any dairy ghee is recommended. However, if cow ghee is available then use that as well. Just don’t use cooking oil.

Can I swap ghee with butter?

The flavour & aroma of ghee is essential. Hence don’t swap ghee with butter or cooking oil, for that matter.

Will fenugreek seeds aka methi dana make my dish bitter?

No, it won’t because the quantity is only 1/4 tsp. Additionally, ghee will turn down the extra bitter taste if any.

Can I add garam masala powder directly instead of grinding the whole spices?

No. We need to saute the whole spice in ghee & then grind with tamarind. Adding garam masala or any other curry powder will dramatically change the taste & the cooking process.

Is tamarind paste necessary in paneer ghee roast?

You can skip tamarind paste but I won’t suggest you do so. Tamarind with jaggery will give you the khatta & meetha flavour.

Can I swap tamarind with lemon juice?

No, don’t do this. Both the items have distinct taste profiles. On the contrary, tamarind is bulky whereas lemon juice is watery.

Can I use sugar if jaggery is not available?

You can do so but as long as possible use jaggery only. Use sugar if and only if jaggery is unavailable.