Egg Ghee Roast is a simple, quick-to-make, and delicious egg recipe popular in Mangalore. The dish is flavorsome, spicy, and aromatic.

People in Mangalore and Kerela love roasted egg recipes. It is one of the famous egg dishes of Mangalorean cuisine. Furthermore, it dish doesn’t require much time to prepare.

So egg ghee roast is a perfect dish for bachelors or the ones living away from their family. They can satisfy their craving for something non-vegetarian in their budget.

The ground spices we are using here makes the dish flavorsome. However, you can use other spices like biryani masala, fish masala, or anything you think will go well. Just make sure to use something that has a pleasing aroma. One can use lime juice too instead of tomatoes as well.

One can make this recipe as egg fry also. All it needs is to cook it with curry leaves, garlic, and spices in ghee, and one may not chop onions or tomatoes. It will make a great side dish with rasam, sambhar, and plain rice.

This recipe is great for winter as eggs provide warmth and protein. Ghee is also great for health. Both of these make a nutritious dish. But if it does not suit you, you can use oil in place of ghee.

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