The Egg Ghee Roast is an authentic Manglorean-style egg recipe. It requires not only fewer ingredients but also an overall cooking time is less. I will certainly go with this one if given a choice to select amongst egg recipes. The taste is excellent. Moreover, egg dishes are my all-time favourite thing.

Not just egg ghee roast, but there are ample varieties of egg recipes here. Type “egg” in the search bar, and you will find all of them listed. Let me know in the comment which egg recipe is your favourite. As of now, let’s continue with the egg ghee roast. Here you go.

2-Step process

The making involves a two-step process. First, prepare the ground spice powder and the curry for the egg ghee roast. Let’s discuss the process in detail. Here they are.

Ground Spice Powder

This powder is not exactly the regular garam masala powder. The authentic garam masala powder contains more spices than our spice powder.

This spice powder contains coriander, cumin and fennel seeds, clove, cinnamon, star anise, and dry red chillies. Although we have limited spices still, the powdered masala will have flavour and aroma.

Begin with dry roasting spices on low flame till you smell their unique fragrances. Make sure they don’t burn because they will carry the flavour into the final dish. I am sure you don’t want this. Hence, stir the spice while you roast them.

When you dry roast them, remove them from the pan, so they don’t roast any further. Next, grind to a fine powder. Your ground spice powdered masala is ready. We will use this masala powder in the curry. Use a glass bottle or container to store this masala powder. Here’s a list of recipe-specific masala powders you can make at home.

Try making the above recipe and the respective masala powder. I bet you won’t regret it. Moreover, you can also use the homemade masala powders listed elsewhere.

The Curry for Egg Ghee Roast

The flavour and aroma of the curry are unmatched. We have a variety of masala and a pulpy base of onion and tomatoes. Moreover, there’s homemade aromatic ground spice powder.

The best part is that every ingredient is thoroughly cooked. If you watch the recipe video, you will see oil separating. I call it cooking thoroughly. Besides, that’s the trick to making lachkedar, a spicy and dark red colour curry. The dark red texture is due to the powdered ground spice and tomatoes.

90% of the recipe is accomplished once you finish these two steps. The remaining 10% is to add boiled eggs and cook everything for 7-10 minutes.

How’s the taste of Egg Ghee Roast?

This recipe is one of my favourites because it has a variety of flavours. For instance, there’s a very mild sweet taste due to pickled onions and ghee. Then there’s a medium-low hot and spicy flavour profile because of spices and masala.

You will also experience a slight hint of tanginess due to tomatoes. All in all, this egg ghee roast is a typical Indian-style masaledar dish from start to finish. Yes, it has all the चटका पटाका that your taste buds need.

Why poke holes in boiled eggs?

The egg ghee roast contains boiled eggs in one piece. My point is we are not slicing, grating or cutting boiled eggs. Since we are not doing these things, eggs will remain untouched by the masala curry inside. In other words, the masala curry won’t be able to penetrate the egg. Therefore, it will remain tasteless.

Poking holes allows the masala to get inside and add flavour to each boiled egg. It is why it is necessary to poke holes in boiled eggs.

Egg Ghee Roast Extra Shots

The best thing about this recipe is that it is not as complex as it sounds. On the contrary, you can recreate this delicious dish at home effortlessly by following the tips below.

  • The ground spice powder must not be coarse. It must be finely grounded.
  • Cook onion and tomatoes till they become soft plus mushy in ghee.
  • Cooking until oil separates; otherwise, ingredients will deliver a raw taste.
  • Poke boiled eggs using a fork, knife, skewers or toothpicks.
  • Do not cut boiled eggs, or the egg yolk will destroy the curry.
  • You can use readymade garam masala instead of ground spice powder.

Egg Ghee Roast FAQs

What is the difference between an egg and paneer ghee roast?

The paneer ghee roast recipe is different compared to the egg recipe. However, there are certain similarities in terms of ingredients. On the contrary, there’s a difference in the making process.

Is the ground spice powder similar to garam masala?

No, they aren’t the same. Garam masala contains additional spices and has a strong flavour with aroma. If you add garam masala, then watch the quantity.

Can I use garam masala?

Yes, you can use garam masala in this recipe. Both homemade and packaged garam masala will do if time permits. Make the masala yourself instead of using packaged one.

Can I swap ghee with cooking oil?

No, you can’t replace ghee with oil because ghee is the essential ingredient for cooking other items. Moreover, if made using cooking oil, the dish won’t be egg ghee roast anymore.

What happens if I chop or cut boiled eggs and then add them?

The boiled yellow egg yolk will mix with the curry. Further, it will change the taste and texture of the entire dish. Moreover, you will have an overpowering aroma of eggs.