Dahi Garlic Chutney is a condiment to various dishes. First, understand the word meaning of chutney. Not precisely, but chutney is a typical Indian sauce that we add to our vegetable curries. I said in the beginning, not exactly!

Chutney is a thick paste. We usually use different chutneys to temper curries. On the other hand, one can spread it on chappatis or paratha.

I have a collection of tikhi & masaledar chutney. I bet you will love to make & eat it as well.

List of Flavorful Chutneys

What is condiment?

Wikipedia says a condiment is a spice, sauce, or preparation added to food after cooking to impart a specific flavour, enhance the flavour, or complement the dish.

In other words, a condiment is a specific add-on to enrich the taste, texture, colour, aroma and nutritional value of a food. Our dahi garlic chutney is a condiment here to add a tangy & spicy taste.

Where else can you use this dahi garlic chutney?

Typically used in Indian curries, this chutney works as a side dish too. It can be an excellent substitute for jam & butter on bread. Spread it gently on bread & pack it in your kid’s school lunch box.

However, if you are not a big fan of bread, use roti, paratha or wheat bread. They will love it. French fries or bhajiya are also a good match. To be precise, if the bhajiya is made from onion, then it’s a jackpot.

Imagine a khatti-meethi chutney with your favourite onion fritters. On top of it a cup of Garma-garam chai. All of them will make you feel like heaven on earth.

Okay, now let’s move on to our list of ingredients and the making process after that.

What is added to this dahi garlic chutney?

The item list below is distinguished into three levels viz spicy, tangy & mildly sweet. It means you have three different taste profiles. Let’s understand them:

Dry Red chilli

Soaked dry red chilli in hot water gives a romantic red colour to your chutney. Moreover, the hot water reduces the hot red chilli to mild. That’s the reason why anyone can eat dahi garlic chutney without a runny nose & teary eyes.

Black pepper & ginger with cumin & coriander seeds

All of the above items are for tempering purposes—nothing to skip here. Saute them properly to integrate their unique flavours. Make sure cumin seeds don’t burn out completely.

Fennel seeds in Dahi garlic chutney

Its saunf in Hindi & variyali in Gujarati. Fennel seeds give a mild sweet & mint taste. Popularly used in Indian cooking, this ingredient is roasted and then grounded into powder form. Here I have used roasted ones.


Two reasons to use ginger. First, it tenders the ingredients and second, it makes the tadka spicy. The main reasons why it makes an excellent pair with onions & tomatoes in non-veg recipes.


Garlic is our base ingredient & the reasons are obvious because we are making lehsun chutney. There are ample benefits to consuming garlic health-wise.


It is our star ingredient & the base of our entire recipe. The combination of garlic & curd is what you will love it.


  • Whisk the curd properly or else it is at the risk of curdling.
  • Use oil generously. It not only makes up for the tempering but also acts as a preservative.
  • You can adjust the chillies as per your preference. Though, this chutney tastes the best if it is slightly on the spicy side.

Okay, I guess I have addressed all the details of this tangy condiment recipe. Watch the recipe video on youtube. Follow recipe steps with images so that you can refer side by side.