Chatpata Corn Chaat Recipe is an utterly butterly delicious chaat recipe that will just melt in your mouth. Enjoy it as an evening light snack and make your mouth totally fresh with zesty chaat flavour.

Made with just simple ingredients like sweet corn kernels, some yummy spices, lemon and a lot of butter.

It is a popular street food which you can find almost in every city in India. A kid pleaser and youngsters will surely love it. A great choice for parties, evening snacks or even picnic snacks. But most of all, this is a must-have monsoon dish.

This one chaat I love the most. The combination of butter & corn is just outstanding. You will completely fall in love with it. The texture becomes creamy. The spices make the chaat more flavorful.

Chaats are India’s pride. We have more than 100 of chaat flavours with different tastes altogether. No chaat is similar to others.

Corn chaat is my mother’s recipe. She makes me this chaat on most Sundays so I can stay home with her and we both relax at home having this chatpata corn chaat.

You can serve this lovely corn chaat when your friends are visiting your house in the evening or make your Sunday evening most chaatlicious than ever.

Variations To Chatpata Corn Chaat

Chaats recipes are always customisable and flexible. Henceforth you can always make your very own version of this chaat by changing some ingredients. Let’s decipher each and every ingredient and see how differently we can handle them.


This is the main ingredient. Most of the times, it is preferable to use American corn as they are have a natural sweetness to them. But you can use desi corn as well. The kernels will not have a sweetness to them though.

It is preferable to have the corn kernels boiled. But you can also roast them if you want to have a smokey flavour. Moreover, you can boil the kernels in the pan on high flame or you can pressure cook the corn cob cut in halves.

Spices & Herbs

We are using only four spices and those are salt, black pepper, chaat masala, and red chilli powder. Now you can adjust them as per your taste preference. Depending on the version of this you want you can add different types of spice powder.

If you want to have an Italian version then simply add olive oil or salad oil, red chilli flakes and oregano. Additionally, you can add Italian spice mix or pizza seasoning. Add grated cheese with a garnish of basil leaves or similar herb and you are done.

South Indian version is also possible. The South Indian spice mix called pudi can be added to the corn chaat and you’ll have your South Indian style corn chaat. Otherwise, just add the regular spices to the chaat to get the regular version you find on the streets. Add Kashmiri red chilli powder for colour.

Lemon juice is a must. You can adjust the measure as per your taste though.


We have not included any of the vegetables and just have minimum ingredients,  making it the simplest version of this chaat. However, onions and tomatoes are always present in this chaat. Tomatoes will provide moisture and juiciness. Onion will provide crunch, sharp and sweet flavour.

Apart from these, green chillies are also popular addition. Few people like to add chopped ginger and spring onion. Moreover, you can also add chopped cucumber and raw mangoes if you like. Boiled potatoes and chickpeas are also included sometimes. Even pomegranate pearls are added.

Tips For Chatpata Corn Chaat:

  • Add a little bit of turmeric and sugar while boiling the corn. If you want you can add some whole spices for flavours.
  • After boiling the corn kernels drain the hot water and immediately pour cold water to them. This will stop them from getting boiled more than necessary and keep the kernels fluffed up.
  • You can add green chutney or red chutney for spiciness. Sometimes meethi chutney is also added. In masala corn chaat schezwan sauce is present.
  • It will be better to have this immediately after serving. However, if you plan to eat this later then add the sev only before eating.
  • Skip the butter if you want this in a vegan version.