Maggi Manchurian is a fantastic fusion of 2-minute Maggi & Chinese style tempering. Behold, the recipe is lengthy & so is the item list. But, as I said, it’s a fusion recipe that includes two different cooking methods.

The combination of east + west is unique. The interesting fact about this recipe is the indigenous cooking style. Let me explain to you what I am trying to say.

What is Exactly Maggi Manchurian?

Cook Maggi & make Manchurian balls out of it. Further, these balls are tempered using spice & sauces. The tempering is done in authentic street style Chinese Manchurian. Yes, like we see at roadside eateries.

In short, we will be tempering Maggi balls in Manchurian masala. That’s what we call Maggi Manchurian.

Henceforth, let’s start with assembling our ingredients first. I understand the list is long, but it is what it is. Every single item is required & do not skip anything. Further, check measurements of the items twice before beginning. Okay, then here’s the list for you.

Maggi Manchurian Ingredient

Since the item list is long, I have divided it into four parts. I mean, the items are based on the process. Refer below.

To Make Maggi

There’s no room for experiment. We will cook Maggi just like we have been cooking for ages. If time permits, then you can certainly try something new with cooking Maggi. If not, then follow the 2-minute making process. Here are the items we need.

  • Water – As required to make the Maggi.
  • Butter – Instead of cooking oil, we will use butter for smooth taste & texture. Moreover, the butter will add a distinct flavour to the Maggi balls.
  • Maggi Masala – Use the readymade Maggi masala. We aren’t making Maggi & there’s a lot more to do than just cooking Maggi. Hence, scrap experimenting with the masala powder. Instead, empty the sachets in the pack.
  • Maggi Noodles – Here, Maggi means noodles. One Maggi pack is enough to proceed with our recipe. If you want to increase the final quantity, then double the Maggi noodle quantity.

To Make the Maggi Dough

  • Veggies in the Maggi Manchurian – Green veggies are an essential part of this recipe for two reasons: the natural green colour & second the versatile taste. Above all, we will be adding two kinds of onions here. Along with regular onion, we have spring onions too. In Hindi, we call spring onions प्याज पत्ता. Other vegetables are carrot, cabbage & capsicum. Don’t skip any veggies. Try to incorporate each one of them. Another critical point here is that you can switch between red & orange carrots. Do this if either one is not available.
  • Ginger & Garlic – Ginger & garlic are an inevitable part of Chinese Manchurian. Okay, I don’t know about authentic Chinese Manchurian, but yes, here in India, they use a lot. Additionally, both ginger & garlic has their flavour profile. Therefore, it will help us enrich the taste. Then, of course, you can add the garlic a little more if you want.
  • Tomato Sauce – We will be using regular tomato ketchup. The sauce is for mild sweet & tangy flavour. Adding more tomato sauce will enrich the taste. But on the other hand, it makes the dough lose. Therefore, resist the temptation to add more tomato sauce.
  • Corn Flour – Corn flour will work as a binding agent. It will help us hold the shape of the Maggi balls. The reason why I am telling this is that the recipe requires deep frying the balls. So do not replace it with gram flour or any other flour.
  • Salt – Add salt as per taste. I have added one tablespoon.
  • Maggi Noodles (Uncooked) – After making balls out of the Maggi dough, coat them with uncooked Maggi noodle crumbs. Keep an extra pack of Maggi noodles. Do not grind it but crumble the noodles with bare hands.

Cooking Oil to Deep Fry the Maggi Balls

Use regular cooking oil. Avoid ghee or butter. The balls must sink in the oil to deep fry properly. Fry all balls & keep them aside.

Tempering (Tadka) Ingredients for Maggi Manchurian

There are four items heavily used in the Chinese Manchurian recipe. Since we are making magi Manchurian, we will be using the same. Let’s discuss the obvious first. Cooking oil, ginger-garlic paste, green chilli, capsicum, onion & salt. These are the regular items we will need.

Apart from the regular ones, we need tomato & soya sauce, vinegar & cornflour—mix cornflour & water to make a slurry. Cornflour is to make the gravy thick. It is essential to realize that securing all the items first is necessary.

Spring Onion

The green onion adds a greenish tone to the overall texture of the recipe. In short, it is used to garnish the final output. Add spring onion as per taste.

Henceforth, we are now thorough with the items we need. However, as I said above, please secure everything before beginning the cooking process. Additionally, double-check the ingredients to make sure you don’t miss any items.

Making Maggi Manchurian (5 Steps)

The making process is a bit lengthy. There are series of the process you need to follow. It is because we are making everything from scratch. Hence, let me walk you through. You can even refer to the recipe steps at the bottom.

  1. Cooking Maggi – We all know how to make the legendary 2-minute Maggi. We have the video, recipe steps & additionally the cooking method on the packing. So feel free to make your first 2-minute Maggi.
  2. Making Maggi Dough – Add cooked Maggi & other items to make a dough. Make medium size Maggi Manchurian balls to further deep fry. The dought must be tight. If it is loose, then add little flour and knead gently.
  3. Coating Maggi Manchurian Balls – Crumble uncooked Maggi noodles in a dish or bowl. Coat the Maggi Manchurian balls by rolling them in the crumbs and tap the balls gently to affix the crumbs. Keep aside once done.
  4. Deep Frying – Deep fry Maggi Manchurian balls till medium brown. Make sure they don’t open up while frying. That’s the reason why the dough must be tight enough so that it can hold in hot oil.
  5. Tempering Maggi Manchurian Balls – In the final process, we will oil to temper all the spices. After that, we will mix our sauce. Lastly, we will put in all the Manchurian balls. Be gentle while mixing.

Your Maggi Manchurian is ready to serve. Sprinkle spring onions to garnish.

So, that was it with the Maggi Manchurian recipe today.