Veg noodle soup is a combination of Chinese taste and veggies in soup. It’s Indo Chinese soup recipe which has a special ingredient in it which is loved by all ages- Maggie noodles.

Try this recipe at your home & if you have small kids, they will be blown away by the taste. It is so sweet & sour in the beginning and takes to you to yummiest dinner land just after 2 spoons.

It is a 30-minute recipe which is a great idea for killing your instant hunger. You can make it during your dinner time as it serves you light appetite at night.

It was an instant idea one evening when I & my daughter were discussing what to cook. We recently did grocery shopping from a mall & I bought some packets of Maggie.

And this is how we utilized those Maggie packets which were being kept in kitchen drawers for so long.

The taste of this veg noodle soup is quite like foreign and you fill your tummy with great food. The veg crunch with Chinese taste & Maggie masala inside the soup makes a great combo altogether.

I and my daughter love to make instant foods that can become your daily hunger solutions in less than some minutes & still make you full all night long.

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