Boiled Egg Masala Maggi is an innovative street style snack. It is delicious, easy, and quick to make but also a very filling dish.

Maggi and eggs are two food ingredients no one is going to get enough off. So, the Boiled Egg Masala Maggi recipe with both ingredients is undoubtedly a good innovation. I promise this recipe will make its name in your list of favourite food to eat.

You can generally find this on the streets, but it may taste somewhat bland. Yet, worry not. One can make as spicy and finger-licking as you wish.

The eggs will be soft, and we know that noodles are soggy. But, you can have it as it is. Or, if you want some crunch in it, try adding stir-fry vegetables like cabbages, carrots, or capsicum. It will surely make this recipe more relishing and exciting looking.

You can have it at breakfast if you want. But it is also an excellent option for a quick filling snack or to have it in your lunch box. Besides, this can also be included in your menu while you have a party. So it will be a saviour even to serve at the last minute to your guests.

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