Tomato and Carom Leave Bhajiya is a tasty deep-fried snack. It is a delicious and quick-to-make Gujarati snack recipe.

Fritters or bhajiya is an all-time favorite snack for us Indians. This bhajiya is yet another unique version of our likable fritters.

It is unlikely to eat a dish solely containing tomato as a core ingredient. Hence this factor makes this recipe more interesting.

Tomato bhajiya is mostly made in the regions of Gujarat, especially in Surat. However, you are going to experience different eating variations of the said bhajiya as per the areas.

The juiciness of the tomato in the fritters makes it more enjoyable. These fritters are irresistible to eat.

We can eat this food as a snack or as a side dish. It can be enjoyed with chutney, ketchup, or gram flour dip that is made by Gujaratis. It is also a great dish to serve your guests or can even be suitable for lunch boxes.

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