Scrambled Egg Cup is a unique fun-fusion recipe. I loved it when I made it for the first time.

The recipe is multi-faceted. Let me tell you how. One can eat it for breakfast or as evening snacks. On the other hand, you can pack the same in a school lunch box. Further, you can serve this egg cup at a birthday celebration to surprise your kids and their friends.

Hence, a single recipe has multiple uses. So now, let’s discuss what exactly it is.

What is a scrambled egg cup?

We all know that scrambled egg means our traditional anda bhurji, aka egg bhurji. So we will make anda bhurji and fill it in a bun with a cavity. Okay, let me explain in easy words. The term “cup” here holds an exciting definition. First, cut a burger bun horizontally & make space in the middle by removing the bread.

Now your bun will look like a pot with space inside. We will fill this space with anda bhurji. That’s exactly how you make scrambled egg cups.

Why will kids love the scrambled egg cup?

There are two significant reasons. The first is egg bhurji & second is the burger bun (kid’s favourite). If you serve scrambled eggs, they won’t eat. But if you present the same anda bhurji in a fun way, they will ask for more.

Not only this, but they will be eager to share it with their school friends. A little cheese topping will almost double their excitement.

Since we have discussed a lot about scrambled egg cups, let’s make it. First, we will begin with the ingredient list.

Making the fun fusion scrambled egg cup at home

A scrambled egg cup is cup shape bun filled with egg bhurji. Therefore, we will make the anda bhurji filling first. Later we will assemble everything. Let’s begin.

Making scrambled eggs

There’s no fancy stuff about making traditional egg bhurji. It is similar to what we make daily for breakfast. Heat oil in a pan & saute onion & tomato with dry masala powders. Then add whisked eggs. Mix well & cook till the mixture is dry.

Your anda bhurji, aka scrambled egg, is ready.

Making the cup

Now we will make the cup to hold our egg filling. Cut the bun horizontally into half. Keep the upper half aside. Now take a fork, and scrape the bread of the lower half from the middle. Remove the bread crumbs.

Apply butter using a brush. Your cups are ready now. Repeat the same process with as many cups as you want to make.

Filling & heating

Fill the cups with egg mixture. Please keep them in OTG or microwave & heat for a minute. Doing this will make the buns crispy. Be careful while heating. Make sure the buns don’t burn.


Layer mayonnaise on top of the scrambled egg cup. You can replace mayonnaise with tomato sauce or even white sauce. Garnish with something that you prefer eating the most. However, you can skip the garnishing part.

Scrambled Egg Cup Extra Shots

Although this fun recipe is simple, you will need some helpful tips. Here they are.

  • Make the egg bhurji less spicy if it is especially for children to eat.
  • You can skip ginger, garlic, red chilli and salt if they are not suitable for you.
  • Mayonnaise is for garnishing purposes only. Skip if not suitable.
  • Substitute mayonnaise with cheese. Avoid liquid cheese spread.
  • Don’t use bread because they are thin and won’t hold the filling.
  • Spread the extra crumb at the bottom of the bun to make a thick layer.
  • Toss the egg cups in OTG or microwave oven to reheat if it gets cold.

Scrambled Egg Cup FAQs

Can we make the egg bhurji using butter?

Of course, yes. You can skip the cooking oil and use butter instead. Just don’t use ghee.

Do we need to toast the buns before filling them?

No, you don’t need to toast the buns because after filling the bhurji they will go into the oven. For those who don’t have an oven or OTG at home, toast the buns, cut, and do the filling.

Are there any particular recommendations for buns?

Use large buns because you will have to make space to fill them with bhurji. On the other hand, small buns will accommodate fewer bhurji. Hence, big buns are recommended here.

Can I use pav bhaji pav instead of buns?

You can, but it will be tricky to take out the crumb and fill the space with egg bhurji. We all know that pav bhaji pav is flat and long in shape. Moreover, they are also smaller in size. Hence, they can make the process hard.

How to make space in the bun without puncturing it?

Use a fork and scratch the bun gently. Buns are soft, and forks can tear the bottom. If the bottom of the bun is punctured, then sprinkle the crumb and press it.