Spanish Omelet is a traditional dish of Spanish cuisine. This recipe has eggs and potatoes as its main ingredients. Apart from these vegetables, it also includes onion.

Tapa is a snack or appetizer dish in Spanish cuisine. Typically, in Spain, this recipe is served as a tapa. Another name for this recipe is Spanish Tortilla. This is because in the Spanish language egg is a tortilla and potatoes are patatas. Hence this is called a Spanish tortilla or Tortilla es Patatas. So, it is not to be confused with the Mexican tortilla.

The texture of this dish is soft along with the crispiness of the potato. This recipe is perfect for breakfast and picnics. But it is also great for barbeques, parties, or the tapa menu in Spain.

The recipe here is not completely authentic. This Spanish Omelet is presented in Indian style here. You can add a little more spices if it is too bland for your taste buds.

It is not a too fancy recipe, and we can make it easily without any difficulties. Yet, it is sure to impress your audience with its fancy name and pleasing appearance. And also the taste is very authentic and it can be considered a comfort food.

Spanish Omelet vs Frittata

Both are egg-based dishes and somewhat look similar, so sometimes people think they are one. But it is not so since there are differences.

First of all, Frittata is an Italian dish, unlike this recipe that is from Spain. Frittata can have any number of vegetables whereas for Spanish omelet it is majorly potatoes and onions.

Frittata can also contain leftover meat but not a Spanish omelet. The cooking process is also different. Spanish omelet is also cooked in an open pan by flipping it once. Frittata can be cooked in an oven or broiled/grilled without the need for flipping.

Variations To Spanish Omelet

This dish is already a full meal in itself. However, you can add a few things to make it even more filling for your system.

For that, mash the potatoes a bit while cooking. The recipe will remain the same with the mixing of the ingredients and cooking from one side. But only half mixture will be added to the pan for cooking.

Then place cheese slices over it, followed by chicken or meat slices/pieces, completed with more cheese slices. Cover the upper side with the remaining mixture and slow-cook everything as required.

You can also make this using cheese only and not add anything more or use mushrooms. We are adding mint leaves but you can add use coriander, thyme, basil, or any other herb.

TR’s Extra Shots:

  • The measurement of potatoes can be cut down to half. It is also possible to scale the measurements as per your requirements.
  • You can cut the potatoes in any shape you like. Generally, they are in quarters.
  • Or you can also use boiled potatoes instead of raw ones. In that case, there will be no need to cook them and just use them directly.
  • Tomatoes can also be an addition to the vegetables in it but not too much. Will make it even more Spanish!
  • This may not disturb the crispiness of the dish overall. But it is advisable to follow the recipe until you get the hang of it.
  • Keep the mixture of eggs and potatoes for 10-15 minutes to rest before cooking it. This could prevent the mixture to break as it may be runny.

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