Tomato Cheese Omelette is another unique and deliciously cheesy egg recipe. A healthy, easy-to-make, and less fussy recipe to serve.

When it comes to eggs, there can be endless recipes to make. And also, there is full freedom for everyone to experiment and innovate new recipes. This egg recipe fits the statement perfectly.

The recipe of Tomato Cheese Omelette is ideal for a filling lunch or brunch. It takes very limited time, ingredients are usually found in the pantry. And you need not have expert skills or experience in cooking to make this dish.

However, the texture of the omelet is very important to keep in mind. You don’t want an overcooked or leathery textured omelet. It should be soft and smooth to eat.

This recipe contains just the basic seasoning of salt and pepper. However, if you wish you can make it more interesting with additional spices. But it is advisable to follow the recipe or else it can hack away the authenticity. Instead, have it with more sauce or any accompaniment.

Typically, people have it with a medley of fresh fruit, such as Mandarin Oranges with Kiwifruit and Grapes. And did you know that you can mimic this recipe and make a veg version of it? You just have to replace the eggs with gram flour.

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