Rava Chilla is an easy-to-make Indian vegan breakfast recipe. It is a savory food and is an instant recipe.

Chilla is a vegetable pancake that is generally made with gram flour and lentils. Here semolina is the core ingredient of making this dish, instead of besan.

It also tastes different from regular chilla. It will be tasting close to the South Indian uttapam we eat. You can say that the dish is the inspiration for Rava Chilla.

Typically, people eat this during breakfast. But it is an excellent option to have for brunches, evening snacks, or tiffin boxes. You can also serve this to your guests.

This food is very healthy and nutritious. Moreover, it also is a very filling recipe, and you won’t have to worry about putting on weight after eating this.

There can be different ways to prepare this. Vegetables can be added while making the batter. But sometimes, people add them separately on top while cooking a thin batter in the pan.

Some people prepare this chilla without the addition of curd. It is alright to do so, but adding curd is not harmful unless someone is allergic to curd. Also, cook this on a medium flame to make sure the chilla is appropriately cooked and has a little crisp layer.

You can have this with green chutney, sauces, dips, coconut chutney, or even sambhar. Beverages like tea or coffee will also taste great with it.

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