Sooji (or Suji) ka halwa is an Indian dish which is sweet in taste and is of soft texture.  It is also called Rava Kesari in the south region of India and as Rava Sheera in western parts of India.

Sooji ka halwa or Sheera is a mandatory dish on all auspicious occasions in India.  People make this for pooja or festive occasions in their houses. You can also have it for ceremony or if you simply want to eat something sweet. People in India use this as an offering or bhog for the deities in a pooja.

This recipe is quick and easy to make. Also, it requires lesser ingredients for preparations.  The preparation of this recipe is different in different parts, with Sooji or semolina remaining the main ingredient.

Some people use milk in place of water to get a much softer texture. Or else, it is generally cooked with sugar syrup that is boiled in water until the sugar is dissolved.

In southern parts of India, people use synthetic orange color. But one can also acquire the color naturally with saffron.

Otherwise, the preparations are more or less similar everywhere, with some exceptions here and there. Cardamon powder is added to increase the flavor and give it a nice aroma.

One can eat Sooji ka halwa in many ways. People often eat it with fried items like puri or can eat this as it is.

Sooji ka halwa is a simple, quick and easy recipe and people of any age or generation loves to eat it.

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