Mishti Doi is a sweet yogurt fermented from milk. It is a very popular dessert all over India, even though it is originally from the Bogra District of Bangladesh. It is our own version of flavored yogurt.

One can use Jaggery or sugar to prepare it. Some people also use date molasses too. Moreover, one can prepare this recipe using hot milk as it makes yogurt thicken, and thus it differs from regular yogurt because of its texture.

Mishti means sweet and Doi is curd in the Bengali language. So it literally translates to sweet curd. We can even call it Mitha Dahi in the Hindi language.

Using earthen pots or bowls is beneficial to set this sweet curd. The absorbent walls of these vessels will soak away the extra moisture in the curd. It will result in a nice desirable thick texture of the sweet delicacy.

Bengali sweets are no doubt really popular in our country. Everybody loves the wide varieties of sweet Bengali cuisine offers. Hence, it is a great option to include in your favorite list for sweetness.

Moreover, it is also a nice dish to serve during gatherings or basically anytime guests arrive. Nor just it is less fussy dish but it also looks fancy and traditional at the same time, when you serve it in earthen pots.

Hung Curd

To make hung curd the water in the curd needs to be removed. Keep the curd in a strainer for 10 to 20 minutes. Hang it in the strainer (with curd) on the edge of a deep vessel.

You can use a piece of cotton cloth also to strain the water out of the curd. If you are using cotton cloth, it can be kept hanging for the water to drain out.

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