Vermicelli Kheer is a rich sweet and delightful Indian recipe. A popular recipe Indians make with whole wheat vermicelli roasted in ghee which provides a unique aroma and taste.

People all over the country make this recipe with some alteration here and there. Here, we have presented this recipe with a twist of boiled rice in it. Cardamom powder is used for aroma,  but a nutmeg is also a great option. And you can use any nuts or dry fruits you want. It is up to you.

This recipe is a good option to include in get-togethers and festival menus. Yet it is not a compulsion. You can have it whenever you want.

It is one of the simplest of any dessert recipes and does not take much time. And also a very versatile dish. So you can create your own version of this recipe. You can even use rice vermicelli or any other type available near you.

Besides, you can also impress your folks with the vegan version of this recipe- if someone is a vegan, does not like milk’s aftertaste or is allergic to dairy products. They need not be deprived of having this sweet delicacy. Just use cashew & almond milk instead and the deal is done.

Vermicelli kheer is also known as Semiyan Kheer or Seviyan Kheer. The South Indian version of this recipe is called Semiyan Payasam. You can serve it hot, warm or chilled however, you prefer. Moreover, this can be refrigerated and serve later.

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