Shakarkandi Kheer or Sweet Potato Kheer is a sweet dish of India. A milky dessert to grant a great time to your taste buds.

Sweet Potato is available throughout the year but it is in peak from late October to December.

Nutritionists will recommend you to eat sweet potato. Sweet potatoes are an excellent source of various minerals, vitamins, and fibers that are quite beneficial for overall health.

Shakarkand is also called Shakarya in Gujarati. You can eat sweet potatoes either raw or cooked.

Beta carotene is one of its vital nutritional utility is that it is high in antioxidants. It transforms into vitamin A once eaten.

Other benefits of sweet potato are that it Helps To Improve Skin Texture, Reduces Oily Skin, Strengthens Immune System, Rich In Iron, and Increases Metabolism.

Usually, sweet potato used in the chaats. But you can also use it in this recipe and can consume it during fast.

There are two ways to make Shakarkand Kheer. Either you can grate the sweet potatoes or by cooking them first and then mashing it.

It is a simple and easy recipe, with lesser ingredients required. Apart from the boiling, nothing else needs much time in this recipe.

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Recipe Features in Gujarat Samachar Newspaper

Newspaper Clip for Shakarkandi Kheer