Anjeer-Gulkand delight recipe is a very special dessert to make for a very special person. It is the most delightful delicacy that will take you in ancient Mughal times.

It is a delectable dessert made with rich dry fruits like Anjeer & garnished with Gulkand to give it sahi feeling.

The best part of this recipe is it does not contain sugar so you are serving a healthy dessert to your loved one.

I made this recipe for a very special cooking event and this was praised by judges as well as the audience that I cannot explain you. I was in tears by the response.

My son is my real pillar for always pushing me one step ahead in my culinary experiments and he is the most special person in my life to whom I dedicate this recipe.

Dry fruits in India are enjoyed by many people for munching time. So I thought how to make Anjeer as the main ingredient of a dessert and take it to the next level.

This ultimate dessert you can make during special occasions of your life like family members birthday or give love surprise to your husband on valentines day.

Anjeer-Gulkand recipe is made with love & passion. Make this at your home & make your memories never forgettable and the taste of love will be kept for years & years by your loved ones.