Rice Phirni is an easy to make creamy dessert. You can compare it to a pudding and is an extraordinarily delicious and quick recipe.

Many people love this dessert, even if they are not a fan of sweets. It is similar to rice kheer. The only difference is in the phirni ground where rice is used. Whereas, in rice kheer, we use whole rice and sago too sometimes.

In the Northern region of India, this dessert is a must on every special occasion or festivals like Diwali or Karwa Chauth.

As per tradition, this sweet delicacy is served in small earthen bowls called Shikoras. However, one can use regular glass or steel bowls as well.

It is essential to ground the rice while making phirni. You can add different flavor essence to create different versions of it. Add rose essence to make rose phirni, mango essence for mango phirni, and likewise. Saffron is a popular option to use in it.

You can garnish it with dry fruits or can use food coloring to decorate and make it look more appetizing.

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