Gajar Ka Halwa (गाजर का हलवा) is a legacy that we have received from our ancestors. And we will pass on the same to the next generation. So you will hardly find an Indian (even living abroad) unfamiliar with this legendary sweet dish.

In short, gajar ka halwa is the ultimate माँ का प्यार 😍 for Indians.

The reason behind its popularity is the minimalistic approach. For example, you need four items: milk, ghee, water, & sugar to cook. Besides, there’s a lot of manual labour involved in the cooking process.

Surprisingly, our favourite gajar ka halwa has a variety of names. For instance, it is referred to as gajar halva, gajrela, carrot pudding, carrot halwa or gajar pak. So what do you call gajar ka halwa in your native language? Let me know in the comments.

Now that we have set the foreground to make gajar ka halwa let’s start with the item list first. Here you go.

TR’s Extra Shots

Since we are making a legendary sweet dish, let’s give an edge to the cooking style. Here are some tips to help you create mouth-watering carrot pudding.

  • Red Carrots – Use large carrots that are bulky, red & juicy. Smaller ones are soft & they tend to lose their shape quickly when steamed.
  • Milk – Full-fat milk is a flavourful substitute for mawa. Avoid using cow milk because it is thin & won’t serve the purpose.
  • Jaggery – As I said above, use white jaggery and not the one that is dark red. The dark jaggery might modify the colour of the dish.
  • Nutmeg – Add 1/4 tsp of nutmeg powder if you don’t have cardamom. Nutmeg has a strong taste; hence use carefully.

Gajar Ka Halwa FAQs

To help you make a delicious halwa, here are some solved queries. Let me know in the comment section if you have other questions.

Can I use milk instead of mawa?

Yes, you can, but it will dramatically increase the cooking time. In addition, you will have to burn water in the milk to make it solid.

Can I use caramelized sugar?

You can, but I wouldn’t advise using caramelized sugar. It will darken the texture of the natural red colour of carrots.

Will sugar in the halwa caramelize?

It depends on how long you keep cooking your halwa. Sugar melts first & then the water evaporates, making it a transparent liquid. Then it will caramelize. Ideally, we cook a little less than the time sugar needs to caramelize.

Can I swap sugar with jaggery?

Yes, you can replace sugar with jaggery. Besides, jaggery is a healthy natural sweetener to indulge in the gajar ka halwa.

What are the aromatic substitutes for cardamom powder?

Nutmeg & cinnamon are excellent substitutes for cardamom. But don’t add all three of them together. Either of them is only permissible.

Why use mawa in Gajar Ka Halwa?

Mawa integrates bulkiness & rich taste. The creamy flavour will nourish the halwa. Moreover, it will give a soothing aroma.

So that was our milky mawa gajar ka halwa with lots of love. Do let me know how was your halva. See you in the following recipe. Try our similar halwa recipes, Sooji ka Halwa and Dudhi ka Halwa.