Gajar ka Halwa is a carrot sweet dish from India. It made from grated carrot, milk, and sugar. A very delightful dessert loved by everyone.

As carrot is mostly available in the winter season, people make Gajar ka halwa often during that time of the year. A very popular dish made in North India.

Because carrot is a vegetable, people use it more in curries and gravies. Gajar ka halwa truly lets the sweetness of carrots shines.

This lip-smacking, creamy dessert is a delight to everyone. There may not be an Indian who doesn’t love this sweet delicacy.

This dessert goes well with a scoop of ice-cream, similar to the Gulab Jamun and people enjoy it to the best. This dessert is very popular across India and many functions and weddings often end with this halwa served after meals.

We use red carrots to make the halwa as it is the best to make the dish. But those are available only during winter though.

We use Khoya or Mawa to enhance the richness of the dessert. Yet one can make this halwa without Khoya too by just adding more milk into it.

You can freeze the halwa for 1-2 months. Just transfer it in a freezer-safe box and freeze. Thaw before using and warm in the microwave.

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