Suji malai laddu, the recipe name, tells it all. Suji is semolina & malai is milk cream. So rolling the mixture of semolina & milk cream in a sphere shape will give you suji semolina laddu.

Giving ladoo shape is not necessary. You can make a flat cake and then cut it into pieces. That’s just for your understanding & information. The shape depends on your taste and liking.

The ladoo recipe I am sharing today with you is a different variant. I mean, suji malai laddu is not available at regular sweet shops. So it is something you will have to make yourself. In that case, let’s start making them.

We will counter the item list and then the making process. Follow the recipe below to know that.

Tips to Make Suji Malai Laddu

  • Roasting semolina, aka rava, is a crucial step when making these ladoos. The raw taste will spoil the recipe if the suji is not roasted correctly. Therefore, use adequate ghee. If required, add more ghee to the roast.
  • Don’t substitute ghee with butter. If possible, use Jamkhambhaliya ghee.
  • When your suji is thoroughly roasted, it will change its colour & release a specific aroma. At this point, you must turn your flames low, or else they will burn.
  • The dry fruit quantity depends on your preference. You can add black raisins, fig, apricot & walnuts, too, if they suit you.
  • If you don’t want to add heavy cream, use regular malai available at the dairy.
  • The purpose of using heavy cream is to give a soft & creamy texture. Therefore, your ladoos won’t become dry over time. Additionally, the dry fruits will preserve moisture due to the cream. This way, each bite of your ladoo will give a uniform taste. Hence, don’t skip malai.
  • Don’t add water. Add milk, heavy cream, or milk malai if your mixture is dry. Avoid water at all costs. It will ruin your recipe.
  • Store your rava malai ladoos in a clean container. Eat & enjoy.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I skip adding coconut to the ladoos?

You can do that if you do not want to add coconut to the recipe. Or, if you do not want to add it with the other ingredients but still want to include them, coat the ladoos with coconut flakes.

The mixture is too dry and difficult to shape. What to do?

If this happens, then you can add some milk to it. Up to two tbsp of milk should be enough. If not, then add a little more but not too much. It will make the mixture soft and add moisture. Then it will be easier to shape them.

Can I add Khoya (milk solid) to the mixture?

Yes, you can do that. But remember to roast the milk solids on low flame as well. It can also make the mixture dry, though. Add milk if that happens.

Can I use other sweetening options if I do not want to use powdered sugar?

Yes, you will have other options in substitution for powdered sugar. Either regular sugar or tagar sugar will be good. Regular sugar will have more moisture; hence you will need to cook it for a few minutes on low flame. Tagar sugar will provide a tad bit of grainy texture.

I suggest using condensed milk or sweetened milk solids if you do not want sugar. Add them at the stage of adding sugar to the recipe and follow the remaining steps.