Suji malai laddu, the recipe name, tells it all. Suji is semolina & malai is milk cream. Rolling the mixture of semolina & milk cream in a sphere shape will give you suji semolina laddu.

Giving ladoo shape is not necessary. You can make a flat cake and then cut it into pieces. That’s just for your understanding & information. The shape depends on your taste and likings.

The ladoo recipe I am sharing today with you is a different variant. I mean, suji malai laddu is not available at regular sweet shops. It is something you will have to make yourself. In that case, let’s start making them.

We will counter the item list and then the making process.

Suji Malai Laddu Ingredient List

Suji malai laddu is healthy & chewy. There are a lot of benefits one can have health-wise if regularly consumed in the winter season. There are dry fruits, desi ghee, coconut, milk and poppy seeds coating. The taste & texture of this rava malai ladoo is irresistible.

Please go through the item list & start making them today.

Ghee (Clarified Butter)

There are two instances when we will use ghee. It is our base ingredient. First, roast semolina aka suji aka rava; after that, roasting rava, we will again add ghee for a smooth texture. Don’t substitute ghee with butter. If possible, use Jamkhambhaliya ghee.

I have written about Jamkhambhaliya ghee in the Surti Ghari recipe.


Rava, aka suji, is also our base ingredient like ghee. Maida is not a substitute for suji soo don’t even think about it. We are making suji ladoo and not maida ladoo. Normal suji from your kitchen will do. There’s nothing fancy about which brand suji one should use.

Dry Fruits in Suji Malai Laddu

Dry fruits in our suji malai laddu are star ingredients. There are almonds, pistachio, red raisins & cashews. They all together give good taste making suji malai laddu tummy filling. The dry fruit quantity depends on your preference.

You can add black raisins, fig, apricot & walnuts, too, if they suit you.

Cardamom Powder

Ahh! I love the aroma of cardamom. This single spice has the power to change the taste profile of a recipe upside down. Therefore, use cardamom cautiously.

Desiccated Coconut

Desiccated coconut is नारियल का बुरादा. The coconut flakes help bind the suji and malai mixture together. This way, the ladoo becomes chewy and remains in shape for a longer time.

Heavy Cream

Since we are making a cream base, ladoo heavy cream is the base ingredient here. Suppose you don’t want to add heavy cream use regular malai available at the dairy. Boil full-fat milk and allow it to rest overnight. In the morning, you will see a thick layer of malai. Use this malai in your suji ladoo.

The purpose of using heavy cream is to give a soft & creamy texture. Your ladoos won’t become dry over time. Additionally, the dry fruits in it will preserve moisture due to cream. This way, each bite of your ladoo will give a uniform taste. Hence, don’t skip malai.

Sugar Powder

Sugar powder is for sweetness. Avoid using granulated sugar. It is strictly recommended to use powdered sugar only. If you add sugar granules, then you will need to melt them. It means to cook for a long time.

Meanwhile, other items will change their taste, texture & aroma. Hence, sugar powder is ideal.

Milk in Suji Malai Laddu

The proportion of milk in suji malai laddu is significantly less. The reason being we have included malai, which is enough to give a creamy texture & taste. Milk helps bind the ladoo mixture so that you can shape them like a ladoo.

Don’t add water. If your mixture is dry, then either add milk, heavy cream or milk malai. Avoid water at all cost. It will ruin your recipe.

Poppy Seeds

Poppy seeds are to coat the ladoo. The decoration item is a healthy choice. There are several health benefits of eating poppy seeds. Watch the recipe video. Learn how to coat ladoos in poppy seeds.

So, that was it with the rava malai ladoo ingredients. Now let’s see how to make them. Continue reading.

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Tips to Make Suji Malai Laddu

Roasting semolina, aka rava, is a crucial step when making these ladoos. If the suji is not roasted correctly, the raw taste will spoil the recipe. Therefore, use adequate ghee. If required, add more ghee to the roast.

When your suji is thoroughly roasted, it will change its colour & release a specific aroma. At this point, you must turn your flames low, or else it will burn.

Now add dry fruits, heavy cream, sugar powder & milk one by one. Combine everything well and make ladoos out of it. Store your rava malai ladoos in a clean container. Eat & enjoy.

So, that was it with the suji malai laddu recipe today.