Carrot kheer, aka Gajar kheer, is a famous Indian sweet delight. India offers a variety of sweet dishes & kheer is one of them. Moreover, you won’t find kheer at regular sweet shops.

Yes, the mithai shops don’t sell kheer. On the contrary, people in India make kheer at home. They don’t buy from the halvai shops. It’s a typical household delicacy.

Kheer Varieties

Kheer enjoys a special place in the Indian lunch & dinner menu. It is creamy, sweet, aromatic, loaded with dry fruits & heavy on the stomach. Although kheer is heavy to digest, we gulp at least 2-3 medium bowls in one shoot.

The carrot kheer recipe that I am sharing today is a variety. I have made this carrot kheer & it tastes yummy. Not only carrot kheer, but we have other types of kheer too. Here’s the list:

  1. Coconut Kheer
  2. Paneer Kheer
  3. Rajgira Kheer
  4. Poha Kheer
  5. Sabudana Kheer
  6. Rice Kheer (with seviyan)
  7. Shakarkandi (Sweet Potato) Kheer

Click the link to read the recipe steps with the video to move on to the ingredient list. Let’s check out what you require to make this awesomely delicious carrot kheer.

Other Ways To Make Carrot Kheer

There are multiple ways to make this kheer. Every person has their ways of making the kheer. The overall recipe will remain similar, more or less. However, the process changes a bit.

First of all, carrots are handled differently by different people. There are a few ways how you can use carrots here. Most of the time, the carrots are grated and added to the recipe. Or cooked and blended before adding to have a smooth texture.

Few people add them directly to the milk, but most of the time, they are first roasted in ghee to eliminate the raw taste and smell. Some even pressure cooks the carrot to make them tender and be able to utilize them later directly in milk. But in my opinion, they taste bland after that.

Apart from the dry fruits, specifically, cashews are roasted in ghee as well. However, we have not done that in this recipe.

Furthermore, we are using condensed milk as a sweetening agent. Sugar is the common ingredient for sweetening in this recipe. Therefore, using condensed milk will make your kheer taste good.

We are also using milk powder in this recipe. That is also a unique ingredient. This is not common in other carrot kheer recipes. The powder is for consistency and richness of the kheer. However, you can decide if you want it in the kheer or not.

जाते जाते……

जैसे मेने बताया इलाइची या जाविंत्री पीस के डाले ताकि खीर खुशबूदार बने। ऐसा करने से एक अलग ही तरह की मेहक आती हैं खीर से जो आखरी निवाले तक बरक़रार रहती हैं।

खीर की बात हो रही हैं तो मुझे एक मशहूर शायर मुन्नवर राणाजी का शेर याद आ गया। इसमें खीर का ज़िक्र हैं तो गौर फरमाइए।

मेरी मुट्ठी से ये बालू सरक जाने को कहती है
कि अब ये ज़िंदगी मुझसे थक जाने को कहती है
जिसे हम ओढ़कर निकले थे आग़ाज़े जवानी में
वो चादर ज़िंदगी की अब मसक जाने को कहती है
कहानी ज़िंदगी की क्या सुनाएं अहले महफ़िल को
शकर घुलती नहीं और खीर पक जाने को कहती है