Carrot kheer, aka Gajar kheer, is a famous Indian sweet delight. India offers a variety of sweet dishes & kheer is one of them. Moreover, you won’t find kheer at regular sweet shops.

Yes, the mithai shops don’t sell kheer. On the contrary, people in India make kheer at home. They don’t buy from the halvai shops. It’s a typical household delicacy.

Kheer Varieties

Kheer enjoys a special place in the Indian lunch & dinner menu. It is creamy, sweet, aromatic, loaded with dry fruits & heavy on the stomach. Although kheer is heavy to digest, we gulp at least 2-3 medium bowls in one shoot.

The carrot kheer recipe that I am sharing today is a variety. I have made this carrot kheer & it tastes yum. Not only carrot kheer, but we have other types of kheer too. Here’s the list:

  1. Coconut Kheer
  2. Paneer Kheer
  3. Rajgira Kheer
  4. Poha Kheer
  5. Sabudana Kheer
  6. Rice Kheer (with seviyan)
  7. Shakarkandi (Sweet Potato) Kheer

Click the link to read the recipe steps with the video to move on to the ingredient list. Let’s check out what you require to make this awesomely delicious carrot kheer.

Carrot Kheer Ingredients

Ingredients of carrot kheer are readily available. Even a small grocery store has it all. Hence, you don’t have any reason to avoid making this recipe. That’s the big reason why making this kheer is simple. Now let’s go through the item list.

Ghee (Clarified Butter)

Ghee is our base ingredient. We will roast the grated carrot using ghee. Use dairy ghee, desi ghee or jamkhambhaliya ghee. Use whatever is available in your kitchen. But don’t use butter.


Similar to ghee, carrot is also our base ingredient. Grate the carrots beforehand. Use fresh ones. I have used orange carrots instead of red ones. You can use anyone available.

Milk Powder

To make our carrot kheer creamy, we will use milk powder. The best thing about milk powder is it gives the required consistency to the kheer. Moreover, it also binds all the ingredients together. The other side of milk powder is it absorbs moisture from the recipe.

Hence, monitor the quantity of the milk powder. Add gradually if possible.


We have a total of 3 base ingredient, including milk. Use full-fat milk and not cow milk. Using cow milk won’t give you the required creaminess & consistency. Yet if you insist on using cow milk, then do this. Add a cup of heavy cream to make your carrot kheer thick & creamy.

Cardamom Powder

With good taste, we need an excellent aroma too. Elaichi, aka cardamom, is an age-old spice we have been putting into kheer. My mom sometimes uses nutmeg (javitri/jaifal). It’s a very powerful spice & the aroma it gives to your kheer is next level. Try it.

Condensed Milk

Condensed milk is our star ingredient. Instead of sugar, we will be using condensed milk. Trust me; your kheer will taste better with condensed milk.

शक्कर से तो आपने कई बार खीर बनाई होगी इस बार कंडेंस्ड मिल्क से बनाइयें। खीर का ज़ायका जो निखर के आएगा आप चमच भी खा जाओगे 😝😝😝

Dry Fruits in Carrot Kheer

Red raisins, almonds, cashews & pistachio will go into your carrot kheer. If you wish to add other dry fruits that you like, then go ahead. Remember, don’t add too much or else the kheer will be too heavy to eat. Kids won’t enjoy too many dry fruits, I guess.

Okay, now it’s time we discuss how to make this yummy carrot kheer.

Making Carrot Kheer at Home

To make carrot kheer is damn easy. Moreover, it takes less time to cook. There are no fancy steps involved, and anyone can make them. Let’s go through the process.

Making carrot kheer involves three essential steps.

Roasting with Ghee

First, roast the grated carrot in ghee. Add more ghee if required because you don’t want to taste the raw carrots in your kheer.

Mixing with Milk Powder

Second, mix milk powder in roasted carrot thoroughly. Please make sure there are no lumps in it. Keep your gas flames medium to high so that it doesn’t burn at the bottom.

Add Milk & Boil

Third, the final step is to add milk & boil. Once you add milk, keep stirring continuously. Keep your gas flame low, or else the milk will burn at the bottom.

That’s it. Bring the mixture to a boil till it becomes medium thick. Add the rest of the items. Allow it to cool down and serve.

जाते जाते……

जैसे मेने बताया इलाइची या जाविंत्री पीस के डाले ताकि खीर खुशबूदार बने। ऐसा करने से एक अलग ही तरह की मेहक आती हैं खीर से जो आखरी निवाले तक बरक़रार रहती हैं।

खीर की बात हो रही हैं तो मुझे एक मशहूर शायर मुन्नवर राणाजी का शेर याद आ गया। इसमें खीर का ज़िक्र हैं तो गौर फरमाइए।

मेरी मुट्ठी से ये बालू सरक जाने को कहती है
कि अब ये ज़िंदगी मुझसे थक जाने को कहती है
जिसे हम ओढ़कर निकले थे आग़ाज़े जवानी में
वो चादर ज़िंदगी की अब मसक जाने को कहती है
कहानी ज़िंदगी की क्या सुनाएं अहले महफ़िल को
शकर घुलती नहीं और खीर पक जाने को कहती है

So, that was it with the carrot kheer recipe today.