Today we are sharing a totally out-of-box recipe, the Rajgira Kheer. The reason why it is unique is the rajgira ingredient in it. Typically, we make kheer using rice, poha & at the most sabudana. But making kheer using rajgira is a different experience.

Before we start, let’s look into some basic details.

What is Rajgira?

The word meaning of rajgira is royal grain, also known as god’s grain Ramdana (रामदाना). In English, it is referred to as Amaranth & in Gujarati, as Rajagra (રાજગીરા) This item is not only available in grains but also as flour.

Rajgira has countless health benefits & one of them is weight loss. Additionally, you can make delicious recipes using this ingredient. In India, rajgira is often consumed during vrat or upvas (fasting).

We have rajgira halwa, rajgira flour paratha & now rajgira kheer. Apart from rajgira kheer, we have a distinct variety of kheer recipes. Here’s the list.

  1. Coconut Kheer
  2. Paneer Kheer
  3. Carrot Kheer
  4. Poha Kheer
  5. Sabudana Kheer
  6. Rice Kheer (with seviyan)
  7. Shakarkandi (Sweet Potato) Kheer

Click the link to read the recipe steps with the video. Now let’s start making this mouth-watering kheer.

What Is Added To Rajgira Kheer?

Let me tell you this – to make rajgira kheer is super easy. All items are readily available at the grocery stores. Moreover, there are limited items; therefore, the kheer will be effortless to make. Let’s begin.


Milk is the essential ingredient in almost any kheer variety you come across. Not only kheer but even mawa mithai & halwa has milk as a base item. So, use full-fat milk here in this recipe.


Saffron gives your kheer the required royal colour & taste. Instead of adding artificial colour, saffron, aka Kesar, is an excellent idea.


For sweetness, we will add granulated sugar. Even powdered sugar will do, so don’t hesitate to use it. You also have condensed milk as an option to sweeten the rajgira kheer. If you ask me condensed milk is a better choice. It already has sugar in it.

Rajgira Grains in Rajgira Kheer

It’s our base ingredient. Moreover, it’s readily available at grocery stores. Hence, grab them & make this kheer today. But before you start making the kheer go through the tips below. Scroll down.

Dry Fruits

Dry fruits enhance the taste of your kheer. If black raisins are available, then go for it. Black kishmish will uplift the overall texture of the rajgira kheer. Try it & you will know.

Chironji & Cardamom Powder

This time we have used the combo of chironji & cardamom together. However, both of them are super strong spices that will add the desired aroma to your kheer. Be cautious about the quantity.

Now let’s go through the making process.

Making Rajgira Kheer at Home

I have two words – Damn Easy!

Boil milk & add all the items one after another. Cooking kheer is a pure breeze. It takes less time to cook & required ingredients are frequently available. Hence, there’s not much to explain how to make rajgira kheer at home.

Yet if you have a hard time making it yourself, then refer to the recipe video. It will help. There are some important tips I want to share regarding rajgira. Let’s see what they are.

Rajgira Kheer Tips

Although making rajgira kheer is effortless, there’s something I want to address. I learnt about it while making this kheer & thought of sharing it with you.

Mixing Rajgira

First thing first, rajgira is light & spongy ingredient. When you directly add rajgira to the hot boiling milk, it won’t mix. It will take time.

At a point, you will be suspicious of what’s happening. Why isn’t it mixing?


Rajgira will mix but over time and not immediately. So, don’t panic. It will take around 10-12 minutes for rajgira to mix up thoroughly. Since it is light in weight, it will float on the milk. You will have to stir the milk continuously.

If you observe closely, even after stirring vigorously, the rajgira won’t soak thoroughly. Okay, now that doesn’t mean it is undercooked. You have made a perfect kheer. It is just that the rajgira is taking time to mix.

It happened to me. After eating the kheer, I tossed the leftover in the refrigerator. The following day was a total surprise. All the rajgira were completely soaked, and the taste & texture was excellent.

Add Rajgira When Milk Starts Boiling

As soon as the milk starts boiling, add rajgira & mix well. Now bring the milk to a boil 2-3 times & after that, add other ingredients. Doing this will buy more time for rajgira to soak thoroughly.

If you can resist the temptation to eat your kheer later on (which I guess will be impossible😍), then do this. Once the kheer is ready, allow it to rest for an hour. What you can do is make the rajgira kheer beforehand & chill.

This way, the rajgira grains will thoroughly mix. Try it.

So, that was it with the rajgira kheer recipe today.