Mango Kheer is a sweet vermicelli milk mixture gently folded in mango pulp. In other words, it is a traditional kheer in mango flavour. Okay, now there’s something I want to tell you about this mango kheer.

First, it is effortless to make and takes only 30 minutes. Second, all the ingredients are readily available. You don’t need to run searching them at grocery stores across the town.

Third, it is not available at the regular sweet shops. Therefore, don’t go to मिठाई की दुकान asking भैया मैंगो वाली खीर कितने की हैं?😁😁😁😁

What is Mango Kheer?

Mango kheer is a custom Indian dessert – a fruit flavour is mixed into a traditional sweet dish. Not only this, but roasted vermicelli is added to make it thick. I personally like sevaiyan wali kheer instead of a plain one.

Along with being custom, it is seasonal too. You can enjoy mango kheer in the mango season. But wait, there are ready-made mango pulp packs. Of course, you can use them & make mango kheer 365 days.

I can’t speak much about ready-made mango pulp because I don’t use them. The reason being I am not a big fan of processed & packaged fruits. Hence, we should eat natural fruit pulp during the season.

Kheer, here in Indian is a classic milk pudding. People enjoy kheer on special occasions & festivals. यकीन कीजिये ये मैंगो खीर न सिर्फ आप बार-बार बनाओगे बल्के इसे खाने के बाद आप (सिर्फ और सिर्फ) दूध वाली खीर भूल जाओगे.

Let’s start with the items we need.

Mango Kheer Ingredients

Items we require to make Mango Kheer are similar to regular milk kheer. The only difference is the mango pulp. Additionally, there are 2 Indian spices for colour & fragrance. Let’s see them.


Dairy ghee or homemade ghee will do. However, the best is to use the ghee from cow milk. The purpose is to roast the vermicelli. The first thing to remember is that cooking oil is not a substitute here. Hence, do not try it.


Vermicelli is सेवइयां or सेवइ in Hindi & सेव in the Gujarati language. No matter what we call, vermicelli is our star ingredient for the recipe today. Without vermicelli, the thickness of the kheer won’t add up. Henceforth, don’t skip this item.


We need full-fat milk for our Mango Kheer to be creamy, smooth & thick. Given these points, if there’s no full-fat milk available, then use regular milk. Just boil a little more to make the milk thick.

Saffron (For Yellowish Mango Kheer Texture)

There are two purposes behind using saffron in this kheer—first, the creamy yellow texture. Second is the royal flavour that saffron as a spice carries. Avoid using artificial food colour instead of saffron. If there’s no saffron available, then plain white kheer is good to go.


Sugar is for sweetening. Monitor the quantity of sugar. Add gradually & as per the taste. At this instant, I would like to introduce condensed milk. Yes, it’s an excellent replacement for sugar.

The best part is it will make your kheer thicker. Oh boy, you will enjoy it a lot.😀😃😄 Check out the Sabudana (Sago) Kheer. Watch the recipe video to learn when you should add condensed milk.

Nutmeg Powder

I like both nutmeg powder & cardamom. But I prefer nutmeg over cardamom because of its sweet solid flavour. On the contrary, cardamom has a mixed blend of taste. The flavour profile includes sweet & mint taste. Undoubtedly, cardamom is the first choice while cooking kheer. But one can add either.

Mango Pulp for Mango Kheer

Use fresh & sweet mango to extract the pulp. Avoid using packaged mango pulp as long as possible. Apart from this, there’s nothing much to describe.

Dry Fruits

I have used pistachio, cashew & red raisins. You can add other dry fruits as per your taste.


Cut fresh mango cubes & store them in the fridge beforehand. They are for garnishing purpose.

Gather all the items mentioned above. Double the quantity if there are 5 to 10 persons. The above items will yield mango kheer enough for 5. Now let’s get through the unique making process.

Making Mango Kheer

My mom makes kheer the traditional way, just like every Indian mom. However, I prefer making it differently. Below I have mentioned how to make this kheer the easy way.

Roasting the Vermicelli

The process begins with roasting the vermicelli in ghee. Take care so that your sevai doesn’t burn. Flip upside down periodically to roast properly. Keeping the flame low is the point often overlooked. After roasting, the next step is boiling.

Boiling Milk

Add milk to the vermicelli & boil till vermicelli is soft. Keep stirring the mixture so that the milk doesn’t burn at the bottom. The point where we will add saffron to get yellow colour. At the same time, we will also add sugar. Cook the mixture till sugar melts.

Cooling the Vermicelli Milk Mixture

The turning point of our Mango Kheer – transfer the vermicelli milk mixture to another bowl to cool down. Toss it into the fridge for a couple of hours.

Adding Mango Pulp

Once the vermicelli milk mixture is chill, add the mango pulp. Mix gently. Don’t add mango pulp if the mixture is warm. If you do so, the milk will start curdling. Instead of Mango Kheer, you will end up making दही वाली मैंगो खीर. Therefore, chilling is essential. Do not hurry up unnecessarily.

Adding Dry Fruits & Garnishing Mango Kheer

After folding mango pulp into the vermicelli milk mix, it’s time to add dry fruits. Just mix them smoothly. Sprinkle pistachios evenly on the surface. Lay down mango cubes. Voila! Your Mango Kheer is ready.

So, that was it with today’s recipe. Watch the recipe video for precise details. Follow the recipe steps with images. Compare them side by side while cooking.

There’s a recipe card too. Download it on your smartphone & make this dish on the go. If you like this recipe, share it with your friends & family members.

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