Vermicelli Custard is a fusion dessert recipe consisting of vermicelli and custard. It is the combination of traditional seviya kheer and fruit custard.

It is an incredibly delicious and creamy dessert. You can have it at any time and share it with your comrades or friends on any given occasion.

The recipes having custard is widespread in Indian households. But it may be too plain and boring for some people when made as it is. Therefore, people make a fusion of various kinds of recipes relating to custard recipes. Vermicelli Custard is one such recipe.

The milk consistency gets thick, and it gets more creamy when we cool it down. So down overcook the milk, or you will have difficulty later while eating.

And you can add whatever fruit you want instead of the ones we used. Chickoo will be great to put in it. You sure are going to enjoy the feel of it in your mouth. Choose the fruits that will make it look more colorful and pleasing to the eyes.

You can assemble and present it in a similar way to a falooda. It will surely make your mouth water and tempting to try at once.

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