Mango Custard Halwa is a delicious and tasty dessert as well as a snack recipe. The Custard is prepared in a very unique and different way. It is very easy to make and is a mouth-watering recipe.

Mango Custard Halwa is a few ingredients recipe. This way of preparing this halwa is very unique and unlike other similar recipes that we make in a traditional way.

One can make impeccable and marvelous numbers of recipes with using mangoes. Both with raw and ripe mangoes, the list is endless. This halwa recipe is one such great dessert to cook.

You can prepare this recipe at home with little to no effort. It may take time and patience before you can finally eat it but all that will be worth the hard work. And you will get a reward of this charismatic sweet delicacy.

The ingredients are also very few in numbers. Only the time required to let the halwa set perfectly can be the only problem with this recipe. A lot of waiting, especially for those who got sweet-tooth.

This recipe will be great to include in the list of your favorite desserts, though. Serve this unique dessert on festivals like Diwali or during parties or during get-to-gathers, for your guests. You are definitely going to make an impression on them with this recipe.

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