Mango Custard Halwa is a delicious dessert as well as a snack recipe. The Custard is prepared in a very unique and different way. It is straightforward to make and is a mouth-watering recipe.

Mango Custard Halwa is a few ingredients recipe. This way of preparing this halwa is unique and unlike other similar recipes that we make traditionally. It is a fusion recipe.

One can make impeccable and marvellous numbers of recipes using mangoes. Both with raw and ripe mangoes, the list is endless. This halwa recipe is one such great dessert to cook.

You can prepare this recipe at home with little to no effort. It may take time and patience before you can finally eat it, but all that will be worth the hard work. And you will get a reward for this charismatic sweet delicacy.

This recipe will be great to include in the list of your favourite desserts, though. Serve this unique dessert at festivals like Diwali or during parties or get-to-gathers for your guests. You are going to make an impression on them with this recipe.

Ingredients For Mango Custard Halwa

The ingredients are also very few in numbers. So only the time required to let the halwa set ideally can be the problem with this recipe—a lot of waiting, especially for those who got a sweet tooth.

  • Mango Puree– The base ingredient and star of the recipe. You can use mango, cut them, and blend them. But you need to have ripe and sweet mangoes to make it.
  • Custard Powder – This is another essential ingredient for the recipe. It will help set the halwa. We are using vanilla here, but one can use any available flavours. You can choose which one you want. Just keep in mind that it goes well in the recipe.
  • Sugar – It is for the sweetness. We are using powder sugar as it mixes easily. You can use regular sugar if you want, but you may need to stir more as it quickly burns. Besides, it also will increase the water content. Moreover, if you can think of other alternatives for sweetness, you can try that.
  • Ghee – Ghee retains the moisture in a sweet dish and gives smoothness. It also stops the ingredients from sticking down. Moreover, it also helps in setting the halwa. Hence do not skip this.
  • Cardamom Powder – It is for the aroma. If you do not like its taste much, replace this ingredient with cinnamon or nutmeg powder.
  • Cashew & Almond Pieces – These are for garnishing. You can add some other dry fruits, nuts, or seeds for this.

Preparing For Mango Custard Halwa

Making this halwa is easy. First, blend the mango puree, powder sugar, and custard powder in a mixer jar.

If you are making it from mangoes, then you first need to make the puree from mangoes. If you do not have powder sugar, you can add sugar with the mangoes before blending. Or powder the sugar separately before adding to the puree.

This option will make it super easy to mix. Or you can use the hand blender to combine them and make sure it is lump-free.

Now heat a pan and cook the mango pulp on a medium-high flame. The mixture needs to be thick. So all the water needs to evaporate. Make sure to stir it properly not to let the ingredients burn.

Once the water is evaporated, add ghee gradually to the mixture. Keep stirring the mixture well. Then add cardamom powder and stir again.

Lastly, add cashew and almond pieces to the mixture. Stir one last time and let it cool down to room temperature. Meanwhile, grease the container or mould with ghee.

Pour the mixture into the mould and level it up. Glaze it with some ghee and garnish it with dry fruits. Finally, cover it with foil or plastic wrap and freeze it overnight.

After it is set, cut it however you want and enjoy it.

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