Custard Powder Halwa is the innovation of home chefs. I certainly believe this and will tell you why. The first thing to remember is that halwa contains milk mawa, aka solid milk.

Mawa is popularly referred to as Khoya in the native language. My point is halwa is a dessert made using khoya. It is a separate ingredient.

On the other hand, custard powder is used to make milk custard. Fruit custard, to be precise. Now when both the items come together, they make a fusion recipe.

Therefore custard powder halwa is not only innovative but also a fusion. Browse YouTube and search custard powder halwa. You will see infinite recipe videos made using custard powder.

Okay, now back to our recipe.

About Custard Powder Halwa

Generally speaking, cooking custard powder mixture until it thickens and chilling it in a mould is custard powder halwa. That was quick & short. Don’t worry, and I won’t leave you hanging dry there.

We will discuss the recipe in detail. Hence, it is a sweet dish that isn’t available at sweet shops. Therefore, you will have to make it all by yourself. However, the recipe is relatively easy. There are no complex steps or procedures.

Just read this recipe post, watch the video or follow the recipe steps. I am sure you will make the yummiest & soft custard powder halwa at home. Thus, let’s start with the item we will need to make this halwa.

What Are We Using For Custard Powder Halwa?

The items we need are listed below with proper explanation. I have penned down every detail as to why we are using the item in the first place. Additionally, I have also given necessary replacements for particular items. It will make your job easy.

It happens to everyone, including myself. For example, we plan to make a dish, but then something or the other is missing. That’s a significant turnoff. But don’t worry because that’s not gonna happen here. Instead, refer to the item list below.

Custard Powder

Custard powder is not only our main ingredient but also the star ingredient of this recipe. The entire recipe revolves around this powder. Now there are a variety of custard powders available in the market. I have used the mango flavour. You can go with strawberry or vanilla as well.

Meanwhile, if you prefer the vanilla flavour, add the fruit flavour of your choice.

Water in Custard Powder Halwa

There’s a fixed quantity of water that goes into the custard powder halwa. So all in all, a total of 2 times water is needed. Hence, strictly follow the measurements in the item list.


Ghee is an essential item when making Indian sweets. It gives smoothness & retains moisture in your recipe. Ghee also maintains the texture in the long run, especially when you plan to store it for a long time. Given these points, don’t replace ghee with butter. Skipping is not an option here.

Muskmelon Seeds

These seeds are white and have the shape of a droplet. Additionally, they will perfectly match the colour of the halwa. So in a way, it looks nice.

Dry Fruits

Not to mention, dry fruits & sweet dishes go hand in hand. With this in mind, our custard powder halwa will have almonds, cardamom & pistachio. These are just three dry fruits, but if you want to add more, then go ahead. For instance, red & black raisins, apricot, and cashews are a few to name.

A step further, you can use rainbow sprinkles. It will give a colourful texture. Try & see what it looks like.


Sugar is for sweetness. Notably, sugar syrup is a similar substitute to powdered or granulated sugar. If you have other sweeteners in mind, then go ahead with it. Just take care of the taste, texture & aroma.

You will also need an extra tablespoon of ghee to grease the mould along with the above items. Finally, fine pieces of pistachios garnish the custard powder halwa. That’s it. Now you are good to go.

Tips for Custard Powder Halwa

The recipe steps are mentioned below. My concern is something that I came across while making this halwa. On the positive side, I would like to share them with you. Follow the tips below to make the process smooth.

  • Use a beater to break lumps in the custard powder & water mix.
  • Melt sugar completely or use sugar powder. The process will speed up.
  • Monitor the sugar melting process & make sure sugar doesn’t caramelise.
  • Do not add gelatin or agar-agar to thicken the mixture.
  • Don’t cool down the mixture thoroughly. Instead, empty it into the mould while it’s still hot.
  • Grease the mould properly for the cake mix to come out smoothly.
  • If available, use butter paper, food-grade plastic wraps or parchment paper in the mould.
  • If your spatula doesn’t move quickly, then the mixture is too dry. Add a little ghee.
  • Artificial colour is not required here. The halwa will attain the orange colour naturally.
  • Chilling is necessary. Your halwa must be solid but fluffy.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What can I substitute sugar with?

Sugar can be substituted with powdered jaggery or cane sugar. However, it is to be noted that it will change the colour of the halwa.

How to store this halwa?

Store this halwa in a container. When kept at room temperature it will remain edible for 2-3 days. But if you refrigerate it then this will remain edible for a week.

I cannot make the squares. What to do?

This can happen when the consistency of the halwa is not as required. Do not worry even if that happens. You need not cut them in squares but serve them individually in cups as you do with gajar halwa.

So, that was it with the custard powder halwa recipe today.