Gajar Halwa in Condensed Milk is a variation of the original recipe. It’s a non-traditional Indian dessert. The traditional gajar ka halwa is made using sugar. It is further packed & sold commercially. In short, they are available at your nearest sweet shop.

On the contrary, condensed milk gajar halwa is rare. However, the taste & texture of gajar halwa with & without condensed milk has barely any difference. But, surprisingly, gajar halwa in condensed milk tastes much better.

I can tell this because I have tried almost all possible variations of gajar halwa. Moreover, we will be making one of them today. By the way, gajar halwa is carrot pudding in foreign languages. Let’s do this.

Ingredients of Gajar Halwa with Condensed Milk

The items you will need are few. Moreover, each one of them is frequently available at grocery stores. Here they are.

  • Carrots – We will use fresh carrots to make this pudding. Now there are orange & red carrots variety. Ideally, red carrots are a preferred choice for halwa. However, you can go with the orange ones too. The colour might differ.
  • Ghee – Packaged ghee or cow ghee will do. We need ghee only to saute the grated carrots.
  • Condensed Milk – A small 200 gram condensed milk tin is enough. You can certainly add more to make your halwa extra sweet. Remember, we are making gajar halwa without sugar. Hence, do not replace condensed milk with other sweeteners.
  • Cardamom Powder – Cardamom is a natural flavouring agent. Rosewater, vanilla or kewda extracts are also viable options to flavour your halwa.
  • Mawa – Milk solid is what we call mawa. Your halwa must be smooth & creamy. Therefore, the required smoothness & creaminess will come from the khoya, aka mawa.
  • Dry fruits – They are inevitable in Indian desserts & mithai. For instance, we will be using pistachio, almonds & cashews.

As I said, the items we require are fewer. Hence, there’s no reason to delay making this milk solid condensed milk carrot pudding. If you replace carrots with bottle gourd, you will get Condensed Milk Dudhi Halwa.


Every recipe requires more or less prior preparations, and so does our halwa. Here are they. Take a look.

  • Wash & clean carrots.
  • Peel off the skin before grating the carrots.
  • Chop dry fruits into small pieces & keep them aside.

Grating carrots is a hectic job if done using bare hands. Use an electric grater.

Making Gajar Halwa with Condensed Milk

Cooking carrot halwa is a tedious thing. Although this may be true, yet the result is highly satisfying. In short, the hard work pays off really well.

Two steps require constant monitoring. The first one I have already mentioned above is grating the carrots. The second one is sauteing grated carrots in ghee.

We need a dry batch of grated carrots. Sauteeing on a low flame with ghee will burn the water. On top of it, we also need to make sure that it doesn’t burn at the bottom. Therefore, fold the mixture continuously on low flames. Do not hurry up & saute on high flames.

Once it is dry, add other ingredients one by one. Finally, your gajar halwa in condensed milk is ready.

So, that was it with the carrot halwa recipe today.