Dudhi halwa in condensed milk is a novelty recipe. We have been making halwa for ages in sugar, but now the trend has changed. Instead of using sugar, we have sugar substitutes.

However, these substitutes are not typically sugar-free. But I guess they are better than using sugar directly. I am talking about condensed milk. However, condensed milk is not an ideal replacement for sugar. But using it will minimise the urge of adding more sugar.

The recipe I am sharing today is condensed milk dudhi halwa. I have already made dudhi halwa using sugar. The recipe video & steps are available here on this website.

So, before we start making dudhi halwa in condensed milk, let me answer some quick queries.

Dudhi Halwa FAQs

We are making an age-old sweet dish. Above all, we aren’t using sugar. In short, instead of the traditional method, we will make it with a bit of tweak.

Why condensed milk & not sugar?

Condensed milk is thick & light brown in texture. In other words, it’s fat milk that is sweet. You can make it at home too. Check out its recipe here. The dudhi halwa condensed milk is a variation of regular halwa. We all know how to make this recipe in sugar. So let’s try out the same recipe using a different ingredient. Further, kids love condensed milk, and so they will love this Halwa as well.

Is condensed milk sweet enough to make the halwa?

100% per cent it is sweet & tasty. Not only adorable but also creamy & smooth. Condensed milk itself contains sugar. Therefore instead of using sugar directly, we are using it the one present in the condensed milk.

Can I store dudhi halwa made with condensed milk?

Of course, you can. There’s no problem storing your dudhi halwa. Use glass containers having airtight lids. Avoid plastic containers.

What is the difference between dudhi halwa made from Condensed milk vis-a-vis sugar?

Huge. Sugar will change the colour of the halwa over time. From green, it will quickly go dark. The reason is sugar will melt first & then start caramelising. On the other hand, condensed milk has melted & caramelised sugar in it.

Can I add sugar after adding condensed milk for extra sweetness?

No. I won’t recommend doing so. For extra sweetness, add more condensed milk instead of sugar. Either make halwa using sugar or condensed milk. Please don’t mix up both of them.

Where can I buy dudhi halwa made from condensed milk?

Nowhere. This halwa recipe is unique & you won’t find this sweet dish at your nearest halwai shop. They sell only sugar made halwa & sweets.

Is dudhi halwa in condensed milk an easy recipe?

It’s super easy. On top of it, the cooking time is altogether significantly less compared to traditional halwa.

I guess the above faqs will solve your queries. Now let’s see what you need to make this dudhi halwa in condensed milk.

Important Things For Dudhi Halwa

If you are not a fan of using sugar in halwa, this recipe is for you. The item list is short & each one of them is readily available in the grocery store. Here’s the list:

Bottle Gourd

Bottle gourd is our base ingredient. Put grated bottle gourd in cold water while you are doing something else. It will prevent the green texture from turning black.


Indian sweets and especially halwa, is incomplete without ghee. Cooking oil or butter is a big NO-NO. Ghee completely sautes the bottle gourd without burning them.


Milk mava, aka khoya, gives a silky smooth texture halwa. Using mawa is highly recommended. If you don’t like mawa, replace it with full-fat milk.

Condensed Milk

Here comes our star ingredient. Any branded condensed milk will do. If not, then make it at home. I have condensed milk recipe videos. Check them out.

Cardamom Powder

Cardamom, aka elaichi, is for flavour & aroma. Don’t skip cardamom, or else the halwa won’t have the desired fragrance.

Food Color

Food colour is optional. If you don’t like artificial colours in eatables, then skip it. I have used green food colour to give the dudhi halwa green texture.

Dry Fruits

Dry fruits are another inevitable part of traditional Indian sweets. Here I have used pistachio, almonds & cashews. You can add red raisins too.

After the easy item list, it’s time to make the halwa. So, let’s do it.

Tips for Making Dudhi Halwa with Condensed Milk

Let me tell you, making halwa requires time & efforts. There’s a process one needs to follow.

The making process involves steaming & sauteeing the grated bottle gourd in ghee. Doing this will remove the water content from the vegetable. It will take approx 15-20 minutes.

It all depends on how soft the bottle gourd is. A little more or less time is estimated. The same applies to gajar ka halwa too.

Once the bottle gourd mixture is dry, add condensed milk, cardamom powder and mawa. Mix well & cook till you smell the fragrance of elaichi from your dudhi halwa made using condensed milk. Add food color (optional) & cover the pan. Cook till the mixture is dry. It will take approx 15-20 minutes.

We have to add a little bit of green food colour because bottle-gourd or dudhi will turn blackish very soon, and the colour of the halwa will not be very appealing without the food colour.

Finally, your halwa is ready. Add dry fruits & serve Garma-Garam.

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