Condensed milk is not a finished product. It’s an ingredient, an artificial sweetener used in cakes & dessert items. We Indians have crafted a unique art of integrating this sweetener into our traditional mithai.

I have myself made gajar halwa & dudhi halwa using condensed milk. Believe me; they taste exactly like the ones we make using sugar.

So, today I am sharing my homemade condensed milk recipe. Before I proceed any further, I want you to know that making it at home is a bit lengthy recipe.

The Making Process

All you have to monitor is how the milk boils & gradually changes its colour. There’s one & only one thing you need to take care of – the milk should not burn. Hence, you will have to stir the milk continuously while boiling.

It’s a tedious job, and I know this because I have been there. Yet, the result is excellent. Let me tell you why making condensed milk at home is beneficial.

Why Condensed Milk at Home?

It’s super affordable. Period.

Brands like Amul & Nestle manufacture & sell it. Their price ranges between INR 100 to INR 200 and more depending on the weight.

At home, you can make more than 500 gram at a time from 1-litre full-fat milk. It costs approximately INR 60 to 70 plus the cost of the sugar. Therefore, you get 400gm+ final output in just 100 rupees or less.

Next time when you buy the same from your grocery store, please check the price. Calculate yourself & you will be surprised to know that homemade is cheaper.

Homemade Condensed Milk is:

  • 100% cheaper compared to the ones in grocery stores
  • A lengthy making process that involves manual labour
  • It storable for a long time & doesn’t spoil easily
  • Not only used to bake cakes but sweeten traditional Indian sweets too
  • A delicious substitute for granulated or powdered sugar

Recipes with Condensed Milk

Here’s a list of recipes that you can make by substituting sugar with your homemade condensed milk. Refer them & let me know in the comment if you have made any of them.

All of the above recipes require sugar as a sweetener. Therefore using homemade condensed milk is an excellent idea in any of the above. You will be in total control of how sweet your dish will taste.

Do let me know in the comment about your experience. Watch the recipe video or follow the step on this page to make lip-smacking dishes.